American casual (Amekaji) OOTD

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just wanted to share the outfit I put together featuring my new top from Beginning Boutique! I've been loving the Amekaji gal (American casual) style that is just entering the Australian fashion scene. From my understanding, Amekaji is what Japanese teenagers picture trendy American kids wearing, not what actual American teens wear. Think sporty chic style, college slogans, jersey tops, denim and kicks. This look is also perfect for uni days as it's so comfortable, and is also very practical for me- as a chiropractic student we have to be near naked for my labs to allow us to practice on each other. So it's preferable to wear loose tops and sneakers rather than items that are a nuisance to take on and off!




For some reason I always do a pouty face when I'm wearing something Japanese fashion inspired (?!)

IMG_1094 IMG_1101 IMG_1105

I put on more makeup than normal today, I used darker eyeshadow and white eyeliner.
Now I'm off to Uni! Have a good day everyone!


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