Australis Pout Paste review x Stylenanda make up style

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Before I start this review, I just have to bring attention to Stylenanda.en. I absolutely love the style and vibe  of the site, not to mention the drop dead gorgeous models. They also have an extensive cosmetics section featuring their brand '3 Concept Eyes' and I am always inspired by the sheer perfection of their beauty shoots. Minimalistic eyeliner paired with the signature Korean straight eyebrows, dewy skin and a gradient bright lip seem to be the most common look sported. Click here to see what I mean.

Every time I see their photos I immediately want to slick on some bright pink or purple lipstick, until I remember that I don't like sporting a bright lip and minimal eye because I think it makes my eyes look small. Doh! Plus these retail for 21 USD each, plus shipping and I can't afford them. *sob*

Fast forward three hours and I find myself at home with my new Australis Pout pastes in 2 delightfully bright colors after a spontaneous visit Big W (I am still wondering how that happened).

I chose to scout around the Australis rack because I'm already a big fan of their lip products- I have 4 of their mineral inject lip glosses and 3 of their mineral inject lipsticks! Pout pastes are:

"A super high coverage pigment stain that provides an instant glossy pout. Available in three shades which can be mixed together to create your own shade!"

I purchased the colors Pash me Pink and Berry Nice Kiss, they were $10 each on special. Usually they are $12.95.

The doe foot applicator was a nice surprise and allows for a neat application. Be careful drawing it out of the tube though- the gloss is highly viscous and may 'stretch' up and out of the tube with the applicator.

Berry Nice Kiss, Pash Me Pink and another new purchase- Ulta3 matte lipstick in Orange crush (not reviewed here).
Pash Me Pink ended up being a medium barbie pink. It looks a lot brighter swatched and in the tube than it looks on my lips, which is shame because I was hoping it would be more 'electric'. I do think it suits me well though!

Berry Nice Kiss is a dark fuschia color that is true to color on my lips. I loved the idea of this unique color, but sadly I don't think it was that flattering on me.

  • Extremely moisturising- no flakes here, please look elsewhere
  • Pigmented
  • Doe foot applicator is a godsend. I would not like to put my fingers in this gloss. 
  • Pleasant floral scent
  • Highly reflective and delicious-looking in photos
  • Easy to blend and create a gradient lip
  • Easy to layer for full coverage 
  • Slightly soapy, but not unpleasant taste
  • Fades evenly- very important to me as I don't touch up much

  • Staying power is not great- it lasted about 4 hours at best. However, I do drink a lot of water.
  • Sticky formula. Don't walk the dogs wearing this like I did -__-. Especially if you live in Perth, the 3rd windiest capital city in the world!
Now here is me in Stylenanda mode with minimal eyeliner, straight eyebrows and gradient lips using my new pout pastes!

Pash Me Pink

Pondering... Probably about food.
My BB cream had been on for 7 hours at this point. I'm hoping it's giving me the 'dewy', not the ahem.. oily, look. 
Applied all over the lips for full coverage.

Overall, Pash Me Pink ended up looking quite 'natural' on me, great for every day use but not the electric pink I needed it to be for that punchy gradient effect I was going for. 

Berry Nice Kiss makes more of a statement. *serious face*
Acting cute... Who am I fooling! Tsh :P

Applied all over the lips

The Verdict 

The product: I give these glosses 8/10. I love love the moisture level, application, and price but I was in want of brighter, more eye catching colors! Australis, please release more shades! I would love a bright orange and a neon pink to add to my collection.

The look: I do not think this look suited me in general, I felt a little insecure with so little on my eyes and I am positive it made my eyes look smaller! I feel like I at least need some lower liner and eyeshadow. However, I am in love with how fast it took me to get ready this morning- no more than 10 minutes! 

Applied more on my bottom lip to make it look fuller.


PS. Fun fact- my sister was sitting directly behind me in her hoodie playing the Sims the whole time I was taking photos. I had to delete the photos where you could see her in all her homestyle glory haha!

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