Canon Powershot G1X x Stylenanda

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I have finally purchased a proper camera! After juggling the thought in my head for about 2 years (no kidding), I did a quick Google, found my desired camera and went to JB HiFi and got it! My main requirement for the camera was that it had to have a flip screen for better selfie use (no shame) and be small enough to take on holiday without being annoying. I wasn't really looking for a DSLR as I really just want to be able to take nice quality photos without a bucket load of extra functions that I will probably never use. It turns out that the Powershot G1X is actually in between a DSLR and a compact. I probably will not use most of the manual functions, but it's nice to know they are there if the inspiration to learn ever hits me. He set me back AUD $614, including a 16 GB memory card.

The Canon Powershot G1X in all its flip screen glory! Perfect for vain girls such as moi ;). I also love the heavy, boxy retro look of the camera- it feels and looks good hanging around the neck.

So far, I love the camera. I think I made the right choice in terms of its ease of use and the photos are of great quality. We have a lot of learning and exploring to go before it can be put to its full use though.

I planned on doing a review of my most recent haul from Stylenanda as I have some opinions about the clothes and my overall experience with the brand. However, we are still figuring out how to use the camera, plus the weather wasn't working out for us this morning. Think of these as 'test images'.

Sweater dress from Stylenanda
Cat beanie from Zipia
Broques from Windsor Smith

 Damn you, blown out sky! *shakes fist* It was perfectly overcast this morning, but cleared up as soon as we stepped outside. Typical!

As soon as I showed my family the camera, they all immediately flipped out the screen and took a variety of selfies that look similar to this. I guess the flip screen brings out strange urges! Haha!

Stylenanda clothing review coming up soon! *fingers crossed*


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