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Friday, 26 July 2013

Last night we were treated to a steamboat dinner by our amazing auntie. Steamboat conjures up warm, wonderful memories of being in Singapore with my dad's side of the family for Chinese New Year :). We almost never get to have it in Perth and I love the atmosphere it creates. A whole family centered around one delicious hot pot and everyone sharing food and conversation makes for warm and fuzzies!


The red setting even makes it feel like Chinese New Year.


I miss this so much! This is one of the only times I get to eat liver as well! My favorite steamboat morsels are definitely liver and shabu shabu beef :D


Look at the dessert spread! Yes, that is durian you see there, and not the frozen sort either- this was the real deal. It must have cost a bomb to buy in Perth. We got to take the leftovers home hurrah!


Delicious apple strudel!


The cousins one last time before Ariel leaves :( Going to miss her so, I feel we share a sort of sisterly family connection even though we only see each other every 2 years. We are 8 years apart in age but it feels like much less. When we all finish Uni/high school we definitely have plans to travel the world together perhaps to Korea or Japan.


 This is our Auntie's dog, Oliver. He is so cute and cuddly like a teddy bear!


Yesterday I caught up with my friend Grace who had just run into our friend Dasha. We have not seen Dash for 3 years since she moved to Brisbane! She was back on holiday and it was so nice to catch up over lunch. We went to Godvinda's Hare Krishna restaurant in Northbridge and got the $8 student buffet. Look at the size of those plates! Filled with delicious curry that warms you from head to toe in winter. Not to mention you can go back for more and it includes dessert! (I didn't do either, I was so stuffed I felt like a Thanksgiving turkey) Definitely bangin' for your buck- it totally deserves the 96% rating on Urbanspoon!

After some parkour practice and Zumba, much needed exercise let me tell you, we sent Ariel and her parents off to the airport. It was very sad, I wish she lived here :(. We are lacking terribly in the family connections department here in Perth as I feel that closeness with the family is not the same as in Singapore. We catch up once every few months here vs every Sunday in Singapore. Oh well, I have a feeling we will be together again once we get a little older and gain more control over what we want in life, because when it comes down to it,
Family is not an important thing. It's everything.

- Michael J. Fox


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