Family visits + Koto sushi

Monday, 15 July 2013

Our uncle, auntie and cousin are here from America! Yay! I love my little cousin Ariel. Little in the metaphorical sense, she's taller than me now and she's only 15! :O It's funny how Americans always look older than they actually are. Last time she was here, she was 13 and my other cousin thought she was in college upon meeting her for the first time haha! I remember going to visit her in New Jersey when she was still a baby aww :) Such nice memories.

Yesterday we went to Carousel (gawsh that place is scary -_-) to do some shopping. It was uneventful to say the least- I couldn't believe how expensive the clothes were! Several shops had simple denim high waisted shorts retailing for over $70! Absolutely ridiculous! Needless to say, I don't think Ariel was impressed, seeing as things are so cheap in America. I picked up one simple striped top from Tempt, one of the only shops that was within my price range. It was $14. This just urges me to stick to online shopping, Stylenanda.en, I am now giving myself permission to shop your site!

We went to Saka sushi (listed as Koto sushi on Urbanspoon) in Victoria Park for lunch. The place is bright, clean and fairly nicely decorated with reasonable prices. The bento boxes were large and affordable, around the $12 mark. I had high hopes when the food came out as it was so nicely presented, but was disappointed with our meals. I had the Garlic chicken bento, Ariel had the Oyakodon and Steph had the teriyaki fish. The chicken dishes were dry and I was thirsty for hours afterwards and I already drink a lot of water normally! 

Halfies are always so pretty! <3

Steph and Ariel

Cousins! Why am I so dark :(

Teriyaki fish

Garlic Chicken


See! The food looks so tasty, but unfortunately I couldn't even finish it which is so rare for me. The sushi tasted stale and the chicken was dry and salty. Thumbs down on this one I'm afraid.



  1. I thought I recognised the name Vic Park! Another Perth blogger! Love your blog, but now I'm craving for sushi badly.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. Aw thank you! Only been blogging three weeks now, wondering how hard it's going to be to keep it up. Just checked out your blog- amazing. Now I'm craving Thailand!