Ikea- a Perth thing?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Is it just me or does everyone in Perth seem to hold Ikea in an abnormally high regard? I mean once you mention Ikea, the general response is "OMG, I LOVE Ikea! Get the meatballs!" (me included). We started to plan our uni holidays weeks before semester ended and 'Go to Ikea' was literally number 3 on the list. My friend once told me about the looks of shock and disbelief when she mentioned she had never been to Ikea. This was apparently completely unacceptable and a Facebook event was promptly set up with the title, "Grace's first visit to Ikea". 

Is this love for Ikea a Perth thing? Or is it like this everywhere in the world? I for one, went yesterday and I would go back there next week. I have no need to purchase any homewares, it's just my general love for Ikea and the excitement of crowds, perfect display rooms and novelty lighting that keeps me coming back for more.

Went with red lips and a natural eye, very unusual for me. I think I'm one of those girls who suits nude lips better?


Yanto will kill me for this :P But I thought it made a nice portrait. Note he got 2 meals!


OOTD- City beach floral dress with Zipia chambray top.


So how much do YOU love Ikea?

This was when the camera ran out of battery:(. But I shall hunt down my favorites on the website.
Just a plain, clean sofa that can be jazzed up with colorful pillows! (or Pika's fur)

I call this the Lord of the Rings cushion. Very cool, but not with a white couch.

Can't go wrong with monochrome to give off an air of sophistication.

I think rainbow is also a fun choice!

Clean lines, and not too low.

Funky space ace lamp.

Could not resist putting this cloud lamp in, it's so cute!

After galavanting for a good 4 hours, we ended up back at the cafe where Yanto proceeded to have 3 hot chocolates. We did not purchase anything. A day well spent in my opinion!


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