Kai Japanese review- the best ramen in Perth

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Kai Japanese on Urbanspoon  

Let me just start by saying Kai Japanese is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Perth! I find myself there once a week or more, especially during uni term as it is quite close (I go to Murdoch, Kai is in Melville). We were recommended to go there through a friend, and after looking up its rating on trusty Urbanspoon, we deemed it to be worthy of our attendance. "Only eat at places with a rating above 80%" is our general rule of thumb. 

On our first time there, we almost walked past the place because it was so well meshed in with all the other shops in the complex. Depending on the time of arrival, it is usually imperative to go inside and write your name down on the waiting list as the place is tiny. The longest we have ever had to wait was about 20 minutes, but usually we go early now to avoid the queue. It can be quite cramped in the restaurant, but for the prices (and being poor students), we don't mind at all. 

Kai is known for it's cheap and tasty ramen. There are 3 flavors- Miso, Pork and Soy and I rate them in that exact order. I have found my Holy Grail of combinations that I now order every single time, that being the Miso ramen with karrage chicken instead of the pork slices. We have never been charged extra for the karrage chicken! Service is very fast and a few minutes after ordering, you are served a small salty and delicious dish of pickles.

The food is always fast to follow, with the maximum waiting time around 10 minutes from my experience. And without further ado, here is my Holy Grail meal from Kai. Tah-dah!

Look at the rich deliciousness of the broth and the crispy karrage chicken! It somehow still manages to stay crispy in the broth, but my boyfriend scoops them out immediately for preservation of maximum crisp factor. It is full of flavor and not too salty. And it comes with a salted egg and bean shoots in abundance, without having to pay a cent extra! This is one of the reasons I prefer Kai to Nao. I really do think this is the best ramen I have ever tasted, even with that said, the bowl is so generous that I can never finish it! Thus, Yanto ends up with a mega meal of ramen :P It really is my idea of the perfect winter warmer.

All of this for $9.80. 

For Perth, that is exceptional.

Kai is located in Melville, Shop 4 110 Parry Ave and is open for lunch and dinner. Try it, you won't be disappointed!


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