Man of Steel Fundraiser and short review

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ticket design

Last night Yanto and I organised a fundraiser to raise money for our mission trip to Nepal that I mentioned in my last post. It was a fairly stressful process, but everything went off without a hitch! We sold an ample amount of raffle tickets for our hamper and the guests were happy with the free cookies, popcorn and cupcakes we provided for free! A big thank you to those on our team who were busy baking/popping the whole day to provide our supporters with a wonderful movie experience. 

After allowing the guests to mingle and gorge on our free flowing goodies, we headed into the theatre where we gave a little speech which went a little like this (for your interest, feel free to skip):

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for coming tonight to support us. We are a team of 16 who will be travelling to Nepal in December to assist in the construction and outfitting of classrooms. At Ganesh Secondary school, Mahendra Jyoti, Nepal there are 250 students who lead lives very different to ours. They have grown up in a country where 25% of the population live below the poverty line. Primary education is free in Nepal, however due to minimal funding, many of the government schools are in poor physical shape and are under resourced. There is some financial assistance to these schools but this is mostly spent on teacher’s salaries and any additional resources must be paid for by villagers who already suffer financial hardship. As a result, a large number of schools do not have the necessary means to maintain or improve infrastructure required to provide their students with a holistic environment for education.

We wish to raise enough money to complete several projects including classroom refurbishment, some fencing and tiling of the water fountains. In order to complete these projects we need close to 20 thousand dollars, and your help in coming along tonight is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for coming and feel free to donate to any of our tins floating around.
The movie itself did not live up to my expectations, but then again, I have been hearing rave reviews about it. I mean, it was good but not THAT good. The special effects were amazing, it stunned me how they managed to make everything look so believable, not to mention the amazing costuming. Need I mention Superman's impressive suit upgrade?

 Which would you take seriously? :P

The planet Krypton was the perfect embodiment of a harsh cold planet that has been ravaged by its' people, however as my friend Travis put it, "they ran out of money before they thought of the plot!" As most of our guests were church goers, it was interesting hearing how most drew parallels between Superman and Jesus. I looked into this further and found that this was actually a marketing scheme to attract a Christian audience as quoted from, "Superman's mythical origins are rooted in the timeless reality of a spiritual superhero who also lived a modest life until extraordinary times required a supernatural response. Jesus was sent by his Father to bear our burdens, to right our wrongs, to rise above our troubling circumstances". They also share the same age- 33.I wonder what other parallels can be drawn?


Overall, I feel that the night was a success. I still do not know exactly how much money has been made as I have not been paid for all of the sold tickets yet, and one donation tin has not been opened (such a shame to take a can opener to a good tin :P). However we have a good idea, and according to my calculations, we have made over 2k! 

If you are in Perth and need to fundraise, I highly recommend doing a movie night with Ace cinemas (we went with the Subiaco branch). Their staff responded swiftly to our emails and were super nice on the night! It works like this- you pay $8.50 for every seat in a cinema, you get to to choose the size, I believe its 140, 160 or 180 seats. Then you sell those seats (not by yourself unless you are very extremely popular; choose a worthy team!) for whatever price you want- we sold for $20 but that included the free snacks before the movie, which I recommend providing to have the guests feel like they got more bang for their buck in overpriced Perth. You can also have a raffle or games to make some more money, but you are not allowed to sell any food due to some regulations. Some important things we learnt were: 

1. Get everything done early. Get your donations for the raffle and the money in ASAP to avoid last minute stress. 
2. Communication within the group is imperative- if people do not respond to group posts, PM them and ask!
3. Keep track of who has sold how many tickets so nothing gets lost.
4. Don't worry if you don't have enough food. We over provided and ended up with heaps of leftovers! Think of it this way- the food is free. People are not going to be angry if you run out! This could have saved our bakers/poppers time and money.

Sadly there are no photos to show of the night because I was too busy running around doing things. So I shall leave everyone with some car selfies -__-.

The front camera on my Sony Experia doesn't do too badly eh?

I wore my lilac Stylenanda assymetrical dress and massive eskimo coat from Zipia. That paired with my pearl earrings and side part curls made me feel rich for some reason :S. I wish!


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