Missha in Australia! Perfect cover bb cream in #27 Honey beige

Thursday, 4 July 2013

I have been using the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream for more than 3 years now, ever since they released the shades #27 and #31 for darker skin. Before this, so many hours were spent on the internet trying to find any bb cream that would match my NC35-40 problem skin, to no avail each time :(. How I wished I had fair asian skin just so I could use BB creams without looking like a ghost! But living in Australia and being a beach lover (no matter how much sunscreen I put on!) my skin stays naturally honey colored all year round.  

The shade chart from http://www.missha.com.au/#!foundation/c1tx
Honey beige is really not that dark!

Here are my swatches. #27 Honey beige is the perfect match for my yellow toned skin and blends in almost perfectly! If I happen to get very dark in summer, and I'm talking 3weeksinBali kind of dark, #31 Golden beige does the job, however it is more orange toned. I tend to use a yellow pressed powder on top of it to even out the color.

Once I found that Missha had released the Perfect Cover BB cream for darker skin, I started buying from the Ebay seller, NewDrSkin, as this was one of the only places to get it. The product was amazing- and frankly does not need another review on the internet. The only problems were the price- a full 50mL size cost me $37 AU a pop as compared to the other lighter shades which cost as little as $12 including shipping! I have no idea why there is still such a steep price difference, seeing as the product has been out for years. The other problem was that shipping from America took over 3 weeks. So it was necessary to plan ahead and order a new one when I had approximately 1/4 of my bottle left. 

I was aware that Missha had an Australian website at the time, but the ordering process turned me off- it said the words 'fax your order' and I immediately dismissed the site. I have never faxed anything, let alone have a fax machine! Hence my happiness when the new Missha Australia website was announced! I immediately ordered the Perfect Cover in #27 and it came within the week and cost me $32.90. This also gives me the flexibility to try out other products from Missha- I have my eye on a few products already! Missha is fantastic because most, if not all, of their skin and lip products come with SPF which is incredibly important in Australia's harsh climate- my mother is a skin cancer surgeon, so I am well aware of the dangers of the sun!

The Style Glow Tint lip balm in CR01

 Signature Glam Art Triple Lips

M Shimmer Blending Ball Blusher in Peach

There are the next products on my wishlist! I feel a makeup overhaul coming soon. It's great that Asian cosmetics are becoming more readily available in Australia and I'm going to take full advantage of this!

Now, for those of you who are interested in seeing shade #27 on someone's face (it's quite hard to find picture reviews for this shade on the internet), I have taken some scary-ish pictures to show you. This is my face after a breakout and I want to show how well the shade covers and matches my darker Asian skin tone.The only things edited have been the brightness and contrast.

Ok so it's not THAT bad, but plenty of scarring and uneveness. Enlarge if you wish lol.

I just dot some BB cream onto my face and then blend with fingers or my Sigma F80 brush. 

 Just BB cream with a little extra dabbed on the problem areas. Gosh, I wish my eyebrows would grow already -_-.

Finished the rest of my makeup!

I hope this was a helpful post!



  1. Wow, you look very pretty and the bb cream suits you really well ^^
    What does Missha #27 equal to? Can you mention your foundation color? In MAC, what NC/NW are you?

    1. Hi there! It has been a while since I have used MAC but I recall I was a nc 35 and sometimes darker in the summer :)

  2. I'm more tan than other Asians too and so I was so happy when I found #27. Do you happen to know any other similar colored bb creams to #27?

    1. Fantastic timing! I'm actually going to put up a review on the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright fit BB cream in #3 Honey beige! It's very slightly lighter than my skin tone but it is Summer here so I'm quite dark. Come back in a few hours to see some pictures :D

  3. Are the Missha bb creams in Ebay authentic? I might get the #21 shade.

    1. If you buy from seller Bellogirl her products are definitely trusted and authentic! I do believe there are fakes on Ebay though, so be careful :)

  4. Are the Missha Bb creams in Ebay authentic? Im thinkinh of getting the #21 shade.