OOTD- Japanese mode style + life updates

Friday, 5 July 2013

Yesterday we attempted to take some more photos with the new camera. We were able to scrape 2 passable shots, and here they are compiled into one. I am intrigued by the Japanese 'mode' style as seen on Malaysian blogger Cheesie of Cheeserland, and here is my version. From my understanding, mode style has a mostly monochromatic palette with accents of color. There are brands exclusively devoted to the subgenre, such as EMODA- I'm lusting over some of their items which are too expensive for me to own :(. Mode style makes the wearer appear mature and sophisticated, far from the girlish appearance of mainstream gyaru.

Blouse from Stylenanda
Skort from Ebay
Boots from Betts
Sunnies from Quay eyewear

On another note, tonight Yanto and I are hosting a fundraiser (that sounds so Gossip Girl lol) at the cinemas. We are going to Nepal in December on a mission trip with 13 other young people to refurbish a primary school and hopefully do some fencing and tiling if we raise enough money. This is our everyday hero account in case anyone would like to donate to our cause! http://www.everydayhero.com.au/nepaldecember13 

This fundraiser has been some months in planning and my first time organising an event of such scale. We've had to design tickets, prepare a hamper to be raffled off and think of all the menial things such as providing snacks, tables, speeches as well as keep control of the money flow. As a person who usually blends into the background as I'm quite shy, this was quite a task for me and I hope everything will go well tonight!

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