Palmer's Rejuvenating Facial Serum review

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I first purchased the Palmer's Rejuvenating Facial Serum on a whim 2-3 weeks ago. I have never used a facial serum before, but as I'm aging up (God forbid), my skin was feeling dry and tight this winter. I mostly wanted something from a reputable brand which was also cost effective and this serum fit the bill! It cost me around $18 from Big W (note: Priceline also stocks it but it's slightly more expensive) which was a lot cheaper than anything else on the shelf! Originally I wanted something that would moisturise my dehydrated skin, but it turns out this serum did a lot more than expected. I have used it now for 2-3 weeks, morning and night and here are my thoughts on it.

The amount I have left after 2-3 weeks consistent usage
The Claim
"A luxurious facial serum containing Retinol and Vitamin C to target fine lines and wrinkles and boost the skin's natural repairing process. Concentrated extracts of Cocoa and Shea Butters nourish skin whilst Aloe and Milk Proteins soothe redness and irritation. Helps to reduce the look of discoloration, dullness and fine lines. Natural extracts provide a luxurious feel and leave skin looking radiant."
First Impressions

At first I was surprised by the texture of the serum. I expected all serums to be have a thick and viscous texture, but this one is extremely watery and when I spread it on my face, it dried really quickly- it reminded me of a quick dry nail polish or some sort of waterproof gel. At first I thought it was the wrong product for me because it didn't feel obviously moisturising, however I applied my normal L'occitane moisturiser over the top as instructed. Once everything had absorbed, my skin did not feel tight and there was a noticeable reduction in flakiness.

The Good
  • Simple, clean packaging
  • Definitely boosted my skin's repair process
  • Visible reduction in acne scars
  • Does not cause breakouts (for me)
  • Seals in moisture and provides a sort of barrier
  • Improvement in skin texture
Case in point:
1 week in between the taking of these photos.

Highly unflattering mug shot, but I wanted these to be accurate and as similar as possible.The photo on the left was taken after a breakout which left some nasty scars on my forehead and left side of my face. My skin scars quite easily and usually traces of the discoloration can remain for up to a month! FYI I only use cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my skin- I don't use any treatments. I was really surprised when I compared these photos as my scars have faded quite sufficiently! My forehead also looks more even. I really do think the serum has boosted the repair process :D

The Bad
  • The pump is what I like to call an Action potential pump (Biomedical students will know my dorky reference). It's all-or-nothing! Every time I try to pump it, I put pressure on the pump as gently as I can and slowly increase the pressure in a bid to control the amount coming out. But as soon as it hits a certain threshold, the whole pump decompresses and the serum goes shooting out over the span of my palm!
Case in point:
Shoots across my palm at full force every single time!
Overall, I love this serum and I'm really happy with its moisture level and how it has faded my acne scars. I will continue to track my skin's healing progress weekly for interest! This was a great first experience with a serum and I would recommend it to those who have oily or dry skin as it provides moisture without an oily texture.

Here are some prerequisite camho pics ;) To see what I use on my skin see here.

Might need a better background in the future :P

Hmm... What to have for lunch... (probably a legit thought)

1 point for Palmer's Facial Serum!

My favorite nail polish of all time!
What are your thoughts on serums?

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