Perth Zoo 2013

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Did you know that this famous photo of a mother kissing her baby giraffe was taken at Perth Zoo? The mother giraffe, Misha is welcoming the first of her offspring, Makulu, into the world in 1995.

On Friday we took our cousin to the Zoo! I haven't been to Perth Zoo in about 10 years, I think the last time I went was for a Primary school excursion. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much if the Perth aquarium is anything to go by -__-, plus it was school holidays so I expected it to be crowded full of screaming kids. I had flashbacks to my terrifying ordeal in Ocean Park, Hong Kong where you literally couldn't move because of all the kids shoving you. The insane heat didn't help my mood either. 

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the Zoo. It is quite small in comparison to Singapore Zoo, but that means you get to spend a decent amount of time looking at all the animals instead of rushing through. The enclosures were all of a decent size and seemingly appropriate for the animals. All except the orangutan exhibit, which was made up of a tall metal and wood structure... Why weren't there any trees? This made me a little bit sad, but nowhere near as sad as watching the poor polar bear at Singapore Zoo swim around in manic circles in its tiny enclosure. With no companions :(. 

The Perks
  • You get to see all the animals in one day!
  • Plenty of restrooms
  • Not crowded at all- you can take some great photos!
  • Animals seem happy
  • Decent sized and outfitted exhibits
  • All the animals were awake and active! (usually when I go to any Zoo, they are all asleep)
  • Has a lovely park with picnic tables, so pack your lunch!
The Bad
  • Orangutans had no trees
  • The food available was expensive and from what I saw consisted of the usual junk- sausage rolls, hot chips and ice creams.
  •  I was freezing! It is Winter here, so I was wondering about the animals, especially the ones that normally live in a hot climate. Aren't they cold too?
Now for some photos, I wish I had taken more, but the glass of most enclosures was very reflective so there weren't many I could use.

Miniature turtle! So cute! And it's shell pattern is so beautiful. I bet he's popular with the ladies ;)

Reptile house and Steph's worst nightmare.

I really liked this bird enclosure. It really looked like all different sorts of birds were congregating around a waterhole.

Steph and Shelby went appropriately animal themed!

I really need to stop wearing that jumper

Yoga stalk

My friend once told me that crocodiles are the only animal to survive from the prehistoric age till now. That means that they are pretty much the perfect predator. How scary! This one seemed quite placid though, content to just splat on the grass.

I was confused by the indoor bird exhibit as there was a very obvious lack of birds. I compensated by taking this picture because the bird looked so fat and cute.

One of the birds at the waterhole. I haven't seen this sort of bird before! It's very dapper.

In the gardens.

Steph's OOTD. Her skirt was on sale at City Beach and it has tigers on it!

So majestic!

Could not stop laughing at this baboon. It appears to be the Emperor baboon because all the others looked like the one on the left. It looks like it's wearing a poncho and sitting on either a toilet or throne haha!

Ordering around his lessers.

Pensive baboon.


Steph- "If I were an animal I would want to be a cheetah just so I can wake up every day and think, 'Ahhhh. I am magnificent'".

From this moment on the Circle of Life from the Lion King kept playing in my head.

Zebras are surprisingly small. They looked like miniature horses.

See what I mean by the mood and metal? This particular guy kept walking around and around that platform without stopping. Poor guy, he looked bored :(

I was disappointed that we somehow missed the red pandas, but at the point everyone had had enough of the zoo. I honestly can't think of an exhibit I liked the best, they were all awesome! Highly recommend you go there. At first I thought the student price of $20.50 was expensive, but considering all the work that needs to go into the facilities and food for the animals, I was happy to pay that price. 

We finished off the day with a warming, spicy dinner at Phil Bean, my favorite Korean restaurant. What a brilliant day!


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