Seizing the day

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The advantage of winter is that the sun rises late! We were awake at 6:30am and it was pitch dark outside so we decided to make use of the cloudy morning sunrise to take some pictures. I haven't had the chance to have a crack at using my camera yet so I was pretty excited! After being inspired by watching Hairspray last night, I told Yan to slick his hair back and dress 'dapper'. Unfortunately he didn't know what that meant plus his wardrobe is limited to say the least. Anyway I snapped away whilst Yan posed awkwardly for 15 minutes and here is the result! I'd say he made a pretty good first time model, but then again, my direction was quite good if I do say so myself *pats self on back*.

What a pleasant looking boy

His favorite. I always tell him he needs Botox on that forehead :P


Cereal male model
See more photos taken with the Canon Powershot G1X here.

It's funny how people get better looking as you get to know them. When I was first interested in Yantz it was for his intelligence and nerdy interests. I didn't find him that good looking, however I suppose his look is specifically non-specific which I always find attractive (specifically non-specific meaning I can't tell where they are from). I doubt anyone can tell what race Yan is! 

Today I plan to bake, take more pictures and go to a family dinner. My cousin has just arrived from America! So the next week is going to busy taking her out and such. I hope we can think of enough interesting things to do in Perth with her!


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