The Atrium

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Yesterday we rescued our cousin from the throes of le family to bring her back to our humble abode. :P Nah not really, but we do have lots of fun things planned, such as shopping, Zumba and going to the Zoo! (have not been in literally 10 years!) So last night we had a massive family dinner at the Atrium in Burswood and these are the photos that ensued. I wore a nice dress, only to have it covered by my coat the entire dinner because it's so darn cold in Perth now! 



Ariel without makeup. Wish I looked that good without makeup!

I love the print on my dress!!

Hairspray pose!

I wish I was taller!

Art. Right there.

This was at the Atrium, which is so not worth the money. You get all excited because of the buffet, but when you look around you realise there is heaps of food, but not really food you want to eat! Well for me anyway. I hardly ever eat the western food, I mostly stick to the sushi, sashimi and oysters with a few oddities thrown in. The main attraction would be the dessert bar where I had 4 different sweets. Then I felt guilty because really, no one needs 4 sweets!! This was a lose-lose situation. Photos are unedited because I feel really lame editing pictures of food :P

Olives in focus.

Soba noodles in focus.


Today we went shopping and I bought two tops and a new camera case. It's 3 pm now and we're all slopping around at home drinking tea and being sleepy. Shopping takes a lot out of you! Gotta gear up for Zumba class later to work off the Atrium ;)


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