What Beauty Queen?!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

It says former beauty queen in my blog headline so I thought I should explain it in case anyone thinks I'm lying! In my life I have done 3 pageants, Miss Singapore Sweetheart back when I was 16 (?), Miss Chinese WA (last year) and Miss Cosmo (also last year). My experiences have been mixed to say the least, with the fact that I am a Chinese girl who was brought up in a Western world coming to bite me in the backside every time! Read this post to find out more about my thoughts on that issue. 

Why do I enter pageants?
That's a very valid question seeing as I am, and always have been, an academic girl. Most people from this background shun pageants as they are for 'dumb girls' who aren't smart enough to succeed elsewhere. My response to that is, what exactly is so wrong with using your looks to your advantage? If you can gain valuable experiences, friends and money from this, why not!? Success is success. Moreover, I have always been competitive by nature and I thought pageants to be another means to achieving my personal goal- to be the perfect mix of style and substance. Brains and beauty. Whichever you want to call it. I have no qualms about putting myself out there!

Miss Singapore Sweetheart was probably the worst experience I've had. The judges made it quite obvious that I wasn't going to win from the start because I was not truly Singaporean. And that's ok. I understand that the representative must be exactly that- a representative of the country, ie. preferably a Chinese girl who has been brought up in Singapore. I made do with winning the talent round though, and consoled myself with the fact that if I was not pretty, at least I had talent :P. The pageant itself was a bit of a joke and I won't go into detail on this. Sadly there are no photos of this affair, and I'm quite glad because I was a bit chubby back then and probably had no business winning a beauty pageant haha!

Last year I won Miss Chinese WA 2012. The judges did not seem to mind that I was one of the few that could not speak Chinese and I was very surprised I won! We trained for weeks with deportment classes taught by the lovely Miss Dene Selby and learned a routine for every category. What happened after was horrible though- I guess people must always be bitter about things when they don't win. Apparently there were some nasty comments going around FB saying the competition was rigged! I was like whut :S. For a start, I didn't know any of the organisers or sponsoring companies, let alone the judges. Secondly, why would they want to pick me to win of all people?! The girl who is Chinese but can't speak Chinese and who looks Korean? I thought for sure I was the black sheep and that my chances of winning were very slim. I felt hurt by those comments (I didn't let myself read them thank God), but then quickly got over it as I enjoyed my prizes!

I apologise for the quality of these pictures, they are all stolen from FB as not one family member brought a camera to any event. I suppose they didn't think I would win :P

That crown is so heavy, it gave me a bruise on my head. No kidding!

Talent round.
Being crowned.

My article in Australia Asia Business Weekly

Back in 2013 to crown the next winner.

Miss Chinese Cosmo's was another terrible experience. The top 3 were supposed to be flown over to Sydney to compete, so I was excited for an adventure as the chances were high! I drove an hour there and back, 3 days a week, right in the middle of my exam period to compete. On the right, I nailed my talent (I used to be a semi pro ballet dancer for those interested) and my Q&A BUT I was the only one who couldn't speak Chinese. I came 2nd runner up, which is 3rd and was happy for about half an hour as I thought I was going to Sydney. Pageant ended, 2 judges came up to me and said they gave me full marks for my talent and said they were confused as to why I didn't win (thought this was very weird... Judges aren't supposed to do that!). As I got into my car the organiser runs up to me and says "Oh sorry, we've decided to only take the top 2 to Sydney... So you won't be going". I was like WTF!!!! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME NOW! AFTER ALL THIS! But I smiled and nodded and said I understood and fumed about it for months afterwards. Who knows why? I suspect it was because of my inability to communicate in Chinese. But when I joined, I asked whether I needed to be able to speak it and she said, I quote, "No, we want girls of all mixes of Chinese to enter! Even if you are 1 quarter Chinese, still can!"

Evening gowning.

The 3 winners. You can decide for yourself.
The winner was an exchange student from China who could not speak fluent English. Here it comes again- can you represent Western Australia when you are not from Western Australia?

Anyway, would I join another pageant? Probably not. I think my time as a beauty queen is officially over. I shall pursue my vain interests in other ways :)


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