A Strange Anniversary Present

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's our 1 year anniversary on Sept 30th and it was time to start thinking about what to get each other. I'm a big fan of surprises, but Yanto isn't- he's the type that likes to choose exactly what he wants in case he doesn't like what the other person thoughtfully picked out for him LOL. Turns out he wants a watch. Ok easy peasy, I am going to get him the watch he desires. Now comes the hard part- what to get me!

He innocently asked if there was anything I wanted in particular and I replied "clothes from Stylenanda" half jokingly. I didn't think that would happen, but he said "ok". So we worked out a deal- he is adding $200 worth of Stylenanda clothes (he's choosing the items, not me) to my cart of stuff I have already chosen for myself! So it's turned out perfect- I still get a surprise and he gets some direction in what to buy. I am really excited to see what he chose for me! I mean- can it go wrong? It's Stylenanda!

Then again, he does have some questionable taste in clothing... This happened last week.
Me: Which of these tops do you like?

Yanto: That one! And that one!

Me: ermm.... Why those ones in particular? *confused*

Yanto: Because they look like something a wizard would wear!

*facepalm*. So who knows, I might end up with a boxload of wizard attire. I did tell him to try to compensate for both our tastes equally though! I think this is quite a strange and fun anniversary gift- it does take a lot of trust though and could potentially be a waste of money.

I'll show you my favorite item I picked out for myself (I'm paying for the ones I chose), as soon as I saw this striped dress I fell in love it. It's such a unique cut and so light and fresh for Summer!

Stay tuned for pictures of the haul when it comes- probably 3-4 weeks time!


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