Ciao Italia

Monday, 19 August 2013

Last week we went to our favourite Italian restaurant in Perth, Ciao Italia. If you've been to Perth I am sure you've heard of it! Most nights there is a long queue outside the place, most of the patrons are Asian as you'll quickly discover. That is always a good sign as we Asians know good food when we taste it ;)

The restaurant is always loud and bustling, but somehow that adds to the ambiance of the place. It feels warm and inviting as you take your seat on somewhat cramped tables- this is not the place to go if you want a quiet intimate dinner with friends, chances are you won't be able to hear anyone speak.

Going to Ciao Italia is a big treat for us due to sheer amount of calories in each dish plus the fact that me, Yanto and Steph are all lactose intolerant and Steph is also gluten intolerant. That means we are all allergic to almost every dish there and we pay for it later with tummy aches.

Mum and Steph.

Steph and her friend Tom.

We have matching regrowth! Yanto likes his though, I hate mine! I wish I had a hair sponsor :P.

Now for some foodporn:


The spaghetti cabonara was my favourite main that night! It was so creamy and rich with bacon bits. Who could ask for more ^^


I didn't touch the rizoni pizza because I've been having bad reactions to it lately even when I take lacteeze tablets. *pats self on back* I'm so proud of my self control! It was apparently really nice though, but Yanto still thinks Little Caesars does better pizzas. Personally I prefer the pastas to the pizzas at Ciao Italia from previous experience.


The calzone pizza! This is a classic and I actually think my favourite part of the dish is the salsa- it is so tangy and tasty seriously like an explosion in your mouth. I love salads like that! The pizza is folded, and I find it less rich than the other pizzas. I definitely recommend this dish as it's unique to Ciao Italia.


The ravioli bolognaise which I wasn't too impressed by.Too meaty and saucy for me.


The first time I took Yanto to Ciao Italia I will never forget the look on his face when he tried the tiramisu. On the first bite he closed his eyes and sat in silence for a minute. I could just see the song playing in his head 'I'm finding it hard to believe.... We're in heavennnnn.... Wooaahhh ohhh ohhh'. And it's like that every time. The tiramisu is definitely a stand out dish and the only thing that I would say is a must try. I've made a habit of ordering a tiramisu at every place we go to where it happens to be available (in fact I tried one last night at Capri in Freo) just to see if anything can top this one. Nothing has so far.


The cake is warm, yet cold and it's so soft and sinfully creamy and decadent. Ahh

Enough of food photos! We have decided not to go back to Ciao Italia for a very long time as we are all trying to eat less and eat healthier. It is tough trying to avoid lactose and gluten completely, but I won't miss feeling sick that's for sure. And mother has decided to try and go vegetarian, so we have no meat in the house. That will be... interesting.


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