Ebay Nail Foil (fail) Review

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Today I'm going to talk about my first experience with nail foils/wraps. Upon spring cleaning my bathroom last week, I came across these nail 'patches' sitting under the sink. I still have no idea where I got them from but I have a feeling they were a free gift with a online purchase. They have no discernible brand attached to them, but I decided to try them because somehow, the french words made me trust the product (lol).

This is what the product looks like, to help everyone avoid it in the future. I did a search on Ebay and found this exact product there, so don't be tempted by the cheap price. You get what you pay for.

The instructions appear the same as other nail foil brands I've researched. I was actually quite dismayed at the amount of labor you need to do. All the trimming and smoothing and filing!

They almost look pretty here! Like a Japanese Autumn scene.

Reverse bokeh shot.

Ok so here is the horrible result of 40 minutes of labour! It also gave me a neck ache for bending over the tiny strips for so long. And even though it was my first time, I still think more experienced girls would have trouble with these.


  • My nails are very narrow, so I had to cut out each of the foils to fit my nails with tiny scissors.

  • The strips were relatively easy to peel off the backing, thank goodness.


  • I kept placing and then replacing the strips on to my nails because I found it hard to align the base of the strip perfectly with my cuticles! Very frustrating

  • The instructions say you can 'stretch' the foil over your nail to avoid air bubbles. No. These strips are definitely not stretchable and have no give in them at all. It reminded me of covering your exercise books with contact in Primary school (I think this is an Aussie thing) and trying your hardest to push out all the air bubbles! Which is a lost cause. as it's impossible!

  • I cut the excess off the tip after application, the instructions say to file the rest, but when I tried doing this, the foil just started lifting off the nail.


  • Hideous. Looks like aluminum foil. Somehow the design also turned out very ugly on application.

  • The trimmed tips of the stickers were very rough and scratchy and I shocked myself a few times by scratching myself on the face when I was fixing my hair!

So terrible! I wanted to take them off straight away, but I decided to keep them on to see how long they lasted. You know something is a miss when:

A) Your boyfriend notices them.

B) He says, "you're actually going to wear them to Uni?" *aghast face*.

Phone picture- 2 hours later in the car. Everything was peeling off from the effects of daily activities.

I peeled them off in the car and some of the foils damaged my nails and left them all rough :(.

So let's go through the product claims!

  • 11 day wear. More like 2 hours.

  • Shiny. Ok I'll give them that one. If you like the Al foil look which somehow draws attention to the horrid air bubbles!

  • Zero drying time. Come on really?! What about 40 minute application time?

I much prefer painting my nails- it's faster and much less fuss.

So stay away from this product on Ebay or wherever else you see it! It's a terrific nail fail. That being said, I have seen a few reviews on better (branded) nail foils and would be willing to give those a go just to compare before I banish nail foils forever.

This is what my nails look like now- much better! I love these Hello Kitty stickers I got from Far east Plaza, they jazz up practically any nail colour.

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