First Lush Solid Shampoo Bar in Ultimate Shine- Review

Saturday, 31 August 2013

I am not blessed with normal Asian hair. I have always looked upon other girls with jealousy, especially when I was living in Singapore where everyone's hair was sleek, straight, thick and shiny. My hair has always been dry, coarse and scarce from childhood, not to mention quite damaged and porous from coloring. 

2011, the worst my hair has ever been after a botched belayage job.

3 weeks ago, I had been reading about silicones in hair products and decided to try going silicone free. This is an amazing article that informed me a lot about the role of silicones- ultimately they coat your hair creating a barrier that locks moisture out of the hair shaft. Hence all my oil treatments were not actually penetrating into my hair! They were just sitting on top of it all this time- what a waste! No wonder I never saw any difference in my hair health. 

Come in Lush hair care.

I'm a recent fan of Lush- and am admittedly obsessed! Now I can't go into the store without leaving with something. My initial reaction to a solid shampoo bar was disdain, it seemed troublesome to use plus they looked so well... Small and cost-ineffective. I read up some reviews to find out more and was surprised by the rave reviews saying the bars smell heavenly, last for up to 6 months, boosted hair growth and curbed dandruff! I practically ran to Lush and bought one.

I bought a solid shampoo in Ultimate Shine

"For glossy hair, a few golden sparkles and the ultimate shine. With Ultimate Shine, essential oils make your hair shimmer, not the golden sparkles. We have fragrant ylang ylang oil to keep hair shiny and sensual; violet leaf to decongest your scalp and elemi oil to tone and calm your nerves, so you can shine socially, too. 
How to use Shampoo bars: Stroke the bar into your wet hair once or twice. Lather up then rinse clean. 
Store your shampoo bar in a well drained or dry place and it will last you up to 80 washes (that's longer than some relationships!)."
Note: the solid shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulphate, thus are not sulfate free. They are silicon free though, which is what I was after.

The Good

  • I was confused when I first used this shampoo. For one, my hair refused to lather! I stroked it along my scalp twice as instructed and there were hardly any bubbles. I stroked it again and again until a few more bubbles formed before I washed it out. Undeterred, I went for a second wash and found that two strokes were suddenly enough to create a mountain load of lather! I figure that my hair just had so much silicone buildup in it after coating it for 23 years of my life that it took two washes to cut through the crap! Every wash since the first has lathered beautifully on the first try, so just keep that in mind if you come across the same problem.  
  • The lack of packaging is better for the environment! The size of these bars make them great for travel provided you have a tin to store them in. 
  • My scalp did feel extremely refreshed and cleaner after using Ultimate Shine as compared to my previous Tresseme products. I have quite a sensitive scalp and there was no irritation or redness of note after use. 
  • One major plus is that my persistent second day dandruff/flaky buildup has disappeared since using this shampoo! 
  • I have also noted that I can go for 3 days without washing and my hair does not look oily, hurrah! That has never happened before.

The Bad

  • The smell of this shampoo is very mild, if any at all which was disappointing. One of the main attractions of Lush products are the amazing scents!  
  • The bar will disintegrate if it is in contact with water. I learned the hard way and the bar is more than half gone now with 2 of us using it, 3 weeks after purchase! Make sure to always keep the bar out of the shower so it can dry out. I leave it on the counter which unfortunately causes a bit of clutter. 
  • I did not notice my hair being shinier than usual- though I do believe that a conditioner would hold more weight regarding the shine factor, no?

The Ugly

  • After rinsing, my hair feels drier and a lot more tangled compared to before. I put this down to the deeper clean and the removal of silicon products. I feel like the shampoo has revealed my hair's actual condition after years of coating with silicon and the results are not pretty. Ah, the Ugly Truth.   

I think the benefits outweigh the negatives in this case. To me, shampoo is meant to cleanse the scalp and I think this product has blown other shampoos out of the shower. The major telling points for me have been the disappearance of flakes/dandruff and keeping my oily roots at bay (for 3 whole days)! I will continue to repurchase the solid shampoos and am looking forward to trying out Seanik and Godiva next.

Now the shampoo I was very impressed with, but the jury is still out on the Lush solid conditioner in Jungle. Look out for that post which should be up by the end of the week. I'm still sorting out my thoughts on it,


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