Instant Cool Factor- Quay eyewear review

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My whole life I have never been a fan of sunglasses. Despite the instant cool factor they give the wearer, I found it uncomfortable to have something resting on my (non-existant) nose bridge all the time and didn't like the dents they left on my nose. Not to mention, most sunglasses sit on my cheeks because of my lack of a bridge! *Asian problems* This was until I found Quay eyewear. I actually found the brand through Stylenanda (my life stems from Stylenanda I swear) and after a quick Google I found out that they are an Australian company! A bunch of celebrities wear their unique sunnies including Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

Admittedly the only sunnies I'd owned before my first pair of Quay's were from Cotton on, Op shops or Phuket markets. And they all broke within the first few months of owning them. So this time I decided to spend a little more and pay $39.95 to see whether the unique designs also came with fantastic quality. I ordered the Liv_now in tortoise shell, and was not disappointed. As soon as I held them I knew I'd found my next obsession *cheesy music*. They felt so well made, solid and have 100% UV protection- so important for the Australian sun. Plus, they sat so comfortably on my nose bridge and didn't touch my cheeks at all! I was hooked and just ordered my 2nd pair last week which came with a code to buy one get one free. So I received two pairs yesterday and have decided to show you guys, because I really love this brand.

I thought this post might be useful because it's always good to see photos of others wearing items before you buy so you can estimate whether they will fit you or not. I have an oval face which is of average size. If you have a small face, I still think the glasses will look great on you because the bigger the better (in my opinion) for sunglasses right? However if you have a wider/larger face, these frames are less forgiving. My sister has a wider, rounder face with high cheekbones and all of the frames I have are too small for her :(

*None of the following photos have been liquified, so you can properly assess my face shape and size to give an idea of whether they will fit you (just thought to let you know because you never know with bloggers these days hehe). Generally I don't alter my face in photos unless I look terribly fat haha!



Apologies for dry hair!



The Bell Pop in clear/black. I love the nerdy retro look of these!

IMG_1186 IMG_1184 IMG_1180

The Bat in white. These came free (I didn't pick them) and were quite a surprise when I saw them in person. They look equally as cartoon-like as the picture on the website! I like them a lot, they are so different to anything I've seen! owever I'm not sure I can pull them off. You definitely need to be wearing the right outfit to match with these. I also find them borderline too narrow for my face.

IMG_1171IMG_1168 IMG_1165

These are the Liv-now's in tortoiseshell. The most understated of my collection, but probably the most wearable. I do prefer round sunnies as I like the alternative 'blind mouse' appearance they give the wearer :P.

The zebra jumper I'm wearing is from Stylenanda and has become one of my favorite pieces this winter.


My whole collection all together!

I hope this post was helpful! FYI express shipping within Australia is free. If you live internationally, there is $10 flat rate shipping.


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