Stylenanda is calling

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Remember last week's Amekaji OOTD featuring my top from Beginning boutique?


Well after banning myself from browsing Stylenanda for a month, I broke and visited their site today (I want everything!) and look what I found:


The very same Nanda made mesh top, retailing for half the price of Beginning Boutique! (mind I did catch a 50% off flash sale at BB making it the same price as Stylenanda... But I'm sorry for the people who bought the piece for $45!). I think this just goes to show that Stylenanda speaks to me subconsciously. What are the chances of an Australian boutique stocking a Nanda made item? And what are the chances of me buying that exact item? Mind blown :P

I'm taking this as a sign from above that I should make a Stylenanda summer haul soon.
Oh Stylenanda, the answer is no, I cannot forget about you, even for a day.


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