Tonymoly products review from BNTnews! Part 2.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Here is part 2 of my review for items in bold.

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1. Peach Anti-Aging hand cream
2. Egg Pore Tightening pack
3. Perfect Eyes Water-proof Liner
4. Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact, SPF25/PA++
5. Help Me Lip balm

3. Perfect Eyes Water-proof Liner
"Long wearing formula that is powerful against water and sweat with speedily drying line. Minimizes irritation of eyes with a smart tip to draw delicate line. Easy cleansing type that cleanses clearly without residue with lip & eye remover or foaming cleanser. Mineral, oil free".

This product deceived me as I thought it would be a black eyeliner, but out of the sleek black packaging popped...

A hot pink liquid eyeliner in Sparkle Pink! I was glad that this was a traditional liquid eyeliner with a pot rather than a felt tip liner as I feel you get more bang for your buck. I haven't tried out any brightly colored liquid eyeliners, so I was excited to try out different looks with this! Let's see what I came up with in this mini tutorial:

Sweep a shimmery champagne color over your eyelids. I used Sin from the Naked palette.

Apply the Tonymoly waterproof eyeliner in Sparkle Pink in a thick winged line.

The liner was an excellent consistency, thin but very pigmented and opaque. Only 1 application was needed as the pink was opaque enough to draw over the eyeshadow. I did not need to fill in any gaps either as the coverage was so even. Very impressed with this product as I imagine it would be hard to formulate such a pigmented eyeliner in a light color such as pink. In terms of sparkle, I would more liken it to a shimmery sheen which is  better than glitter in my opinion.

The brush is a joy to work with- it is a felt tip which had the right amount of flexibility and stiffness to make a perfect wing on the eye. It was precise, making application a breeze and honestly, I can't think of any negatives. I would definitely consider buying this in black  as I think the quality is superior to my current liner.

Then apply a thin black line close to the eyelashes, following the shape of the pink wing.

I applied false eyelashes and a grey pencil eyeliner on the bottom half of my eyes to allow the pink to be the stand out pop of color on otherwise monochromatic eyes. Finish with mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes.

Ta-dah, fin! I loved this look and think it's the perfect way to wear colored liner. Would you wear this look?

They were not kidding when they said this stuff was waterproof- it stayed on till the next day through hand soap, a shower and towels. As for my eyes- it removed immediately with a foaming make up remover. Just like they said it would. I love it when products live up to claims!

Overall, I LOVE this product. It's honestly one of the highest quality liquid eyeliners I have ever tried. Nothing more to say here. Rave over.

4. Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact, SPF25/PA++ in No2. Skin beige
"The Moisture Tuning Control Powder covers skin blemishes tightly and evenly since it adheres closely to the skin. It does not dry the skin or clump even after several applications. The Magic Radiance Powder has water radiance cover effects and makes skin look bright, transparent, and radiant."

I found this to be an interesting product already. Powders are generally used to mattify the skin and control oil, yet this powder is supposed to maintain the moisture in the skin? In that case what would the finish be like- matte, silky, dewy... Let's find out.

Let's start with the good! The case is a very sweet shiny pastel blue with the product name imprinted into the surface. It has an expensive feel to it and I find it very pleasing to the eye, I hope that the metallic surface won't peel though! You can see the gorgeous bow detail on the front that you press to open the compact.

Inside there is a sponge on top of a plastic covering that flips open to reveal the powder. There is a decent sized mirror too, useful for touch ups.

The instructions say to apply the powder after your BB cream. Here I am tapping it into my face after applying my Missha Perfect cover in no.27 Honey beige.The ribbon detail is a nice touch that makes application a lot easier.

I found the powder to be basically translucent- there was no color payoff onto my skin that I could notice. It did nothing to cover any blemishes or redness. My face did become more matte looking, but after several layers of application, the powder accentuated the flakes on my forehead and looked quite cakey. I would not recommend this if you have dry skin. However, my cheeks did feel silky smooth afterwards.

A few hours later at Uni, I looked in the mirror and found that I looked quite dewy. So there is very little oil control in this powder. I blotted with some toilet paper and found some of my make-up transferred onto the sheet, hence it didn't do much to maintain my base.

Here the powder is applied only to the right side of the photo. There is hardly any difference to be seen.

I have used this powder every day this week, trying it on with a brush, over different BB creams and just by itself. By itself, the only difference it made to my skin was to the texture- my skin looked slightly smoother and silkier, but that can be achieved with almost any powder!

Overall, I love the packaging, but little else. Unfortunately this product did not work for me at all. It may work for you if you have oily skin, no blemishes and are looking to buy a translucent powder that has SPF!

Note: on the Tonymoly website, this product is listed as 'Best', so I'm guessing it worked really well for most people. I wish it worked for me :(.

5. Help Me Lip balm
"This contains mangobutter, sharebutter,and kokoabutter. So this makes your lips soft and moisturized. You can use regardless of age. There is an alarm installed in the product, so you can walk safely during night time".

I think I have come to the conclusion that I love all the packaging from Tonymoly. It also turns out that this particular product is quirky too! This is the first lip balm I've seen that has a built in alarm (which is loud!), hence the 'Help me' name. I'm not sure how useful it is, but it's certainly a novelty and fun to show your friends and scare your Pomeranian! You activate it by pulling the pin out of the balm. It is quite hard to pull out so don't worry about randomly setting it off by accident :P. Plus, the keychain is handy dandy and I will be attaching this to my Uni handbag.

As with the rest of the products, the balm comes with a lid, which I disposed of as the balm is solid. It has a wonderful citrus scent which I love, but that is coming from a girl who eats lemons because I think they taste nice. The balm has a thin texture when spread on the lips and does a nice job of plumping up my lip creases. I feel as though this is the type of balm that absorbs into the lips instead of just sitting on top of them, however you do need to reapply this every few hours.

The only gripe I have with this balm is the application- I have to stick my finger into it and when you use an Ipad to type and take notes, you have to be wary of the cleanliness of your fingers. Other than that, I like it- it does precisely what it's supposed to do, plus has the ability to scare off unwanted attention.

That completes all the BNTnews beauty box product reviews. I hope you enjoyed my insights and opinions into these products! Ultimately, I was very impressed by the quality and packaging of all of the products, and would recommend all of them except the Aqua Aura powder and maybe the Peach hand cream. Thank you very much BNTnews for sending me these products!

Now to end with some pictures of my finished look for that day:



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