Want Need Wear Read

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I can't remember which blog I first saw this on, but I thought it was a neat idea! This is what I'm into at the moment:

WANT- LV Lord Voldemort jumper. The coolest jumper ever. Almost made this my Need item.

NEED- Lush Retread conditioner. I've been going sulphate and silicone free for about 2 weeks now using Lush shampoo and conditioner. I'll post about my experiences with that sometime, but my hair is still going haywire and well... actually looks like a combination of hay and wire. It needs some deep conditioning lovin'. Full stop.

WEAR- Been wearing my cutout boots almost non-stop! Similar here. They take a few wears to break them in, but it's worth it. They are just so cool and chunky and look so good with bare legs. Planning on wearing them through Summer because I'm just not feeling sandals, plus the cut outs provide ventilation.

READ- Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks. On the last few pages of the second book, Shadow's Edge and boy, this trilogy is anything but boring. If you want a thrilling, fast paced fantasy ride bordering on crazy (and don't mind violence and rape) try this!

Hope you enjoyed this! I think it gives a nice insight into what I'm feeling at the moment. Hopefully I improve at collage making hehe.


  1. Oooh, I picked up the first book for the Brent Weeks books just cos the cover looks cool. xD If you've made it to the last book I'm assuming its good :P

    If you're into fantasy, have you read Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss?

  2. Hi Nhi! I have read exclusively fantasy books for the the last 4 years or so! Name of the Wind is a favorite of mine, it ties with the Way of Kings series by Brandon Sanderson :D Definitely pick that one up if you have a chance! I couldn't put down the Night Angel series, it's sooo fast paced, a little bit crazy but you'll see what I mean. Let me know what you think of it! I love finding fantasy friends :D