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Saturday, 3 August 2013

On Wednesday we celebrated our 10th monthsary at Yuki Japanese Restaurant. I've been to Yuki about 7 times and there's a reason I keep going back.

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The restaurant itself is quiet (big plus), quite roomy and has a very relaxing atmosphere. I never feel rushed when I dine there and feel quite at ease chatting for 20 minutes after a meal. Yuki scores $$ on Urbanspoon, so it is reserved for 'rich' days or special occasions in my book but I never think twice because the experiences I've had are so good.

Service is good every time and the waitresses are always smiling and polite. This time we were feeling rich so we both had bento boxes (set B) which were around $23. I had the chirashi and Yanto had the tempura.The food came very fast which is a major thumbs up- from my experiences, Japanese restaurants are notorious for taking 45 mins+ to serve my raw fish! Key word is raw.

OMG 10 months!

Ready to catch some flies!


Love the warm atmosphere! Dressed very casually as we went straight after Uni, as you can tell I'm completely obsessed with my red beanie with a massive pompom from Yesstyle!

10 months actually feels like 10 years. Haha, joking :P


My chirashi bento box B set! It also comes with complimentary miso soup. The gyoza was crispy and warm and the salad was so refreshing and tasty! The raw fish was so soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth quality, I'm so sashimi expert but I could tell it was extremely fresh.One personal gripe I have with chirashi (in general) is that the pickles always make me feel queasy, yet I attempt to eat them every time. I never learn do I.


The servings are not particularly generous, however I couldn't finish and had to give 'tribute' (our phrase for giving away food) to Yanto in the form of two sushi rolls and a slice of salmon.


Yanto's tempura bento box B which comes with rice and miso coup- I managed to snag the last piece of tempura, which happened to be fish *score!* and it was still perfectly crispy, non-greasy and light. It was delicious! He was satisfied after his meal which was unexpected because Yanto eats a lot.


So happy to come back to Yuki! Overall, I have never been disappointed with the food or experiences at Yuki and I highly recommend it to all Perthians!

Happy 10 months to us! And many more to come :)


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