31 Facts About Me

Thursday, 19 September 2013

1. My Chinese name is Yim Kuan. 

2. I drink about 4 mugs of green tea per day (when I'm at home).


3. I love musicals- Les Miserables (25th anniversary) and the Phantom of the Opera are my absolute favourites! 

4. In real life I am extremely quiet and fidgety. 

5. A great fear of mine is being inadequate. At anything.

6. The only food I dislike is banana! 

7. When I was a youngen, I used to eat lemons and love it. I still love sour things to this day. 

8. I don't speak any languages other that English :( 

9. At one point I was a blue belt, black tip in karate.

10. I have an extremely good 'academic' memory. When I was 11, I memorised a whole book, 'Alana: the song of the Lioness' by Tamora Pierce (~300 pages). I would get someone to read me out half a sentence from anywhere in the book and I would be able to finish off the exact sentence from memory! 

11. I have always wanted to apply to be on the Amazing Race even though I would probably get kicked out in the first round because I'm not street smart, terrible with directions and not that fit!

12. I wear false eyelashes every day, otherwise my eyelids revert back to monolids. 

13. I won the graduate geography academic achievement award in high school (in Singapore), but I'm terrible with maps!

14. Lizards and frogs terrify me! I don't mind snakes or spiders though. 

15. I have had 4 baby teeth, 4 adult teeth and 4 wisdom teeth extracted in my lifetime because of my massive teeth and tiny jaw! 

16. I am practically tone deaf. It doesn't stop me from singing though! Last year I was singing Earthquake by Tinie Tempah and my sister thought I was singing the national anthem... That's how bad my singing is.

17. In my opinion, the prettiest girl in the world is Goo Hara. 

18. I drink a lot more water than the average person. I get a headache if I don't drink water for more than half an hour! 

19. I haven't drank coffee in more than 6 months. 

20. My feet HAVE to be clean before I sleep.

21. I studied graphic design at Uni for two years before I switched to chiropractic. 

22. My favourite part of me is my hands- I have really long graceful looking fingers :) 

23. I got an academic scholarship to a private all girls school (St Mary's Anglican Girls School) upon aptitude testing. I left the school two years later. 

24. My favorite part of my personality is my (sometimes tactless) honesty and loyalty.


25. My favourite cuisine is hands down Japanese! I could eat it every day! 

26. I have extremely ugly feet from ballet dancing- my toenails always crack and fall off with minimal trauma now because I tortured them so much in my teens :( 

27. I weigh 47kg and never seem to gain or lose weight. 

28. Looks wise, I always gravitate to exotic looking and dark skinned people. 

29. I have always found it easy to get what I want. Knowing what I want is the difficult part!


30. I'm a massive n3rd and exclusively read books of the fantasy genre. Stories that are set in real life just don't interest me- I need the imagination, creatures and elves. I have a fascination with elves.

Hope this was somewhat interesting ;)


PS. I will be MIA for a while due to moving house. I finished two exams today and have one tomorrow morning, which I'm cramming for now- typical!

31. I'm incredibly good at cramming. 

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