Father's Day

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Today was Father's Day in Australia. As my Dad lives in Singapore I wasn't able to celebrate with him. I come from quite a broken family and days like these stir up a lot of past emotions and what ifs. We did speak on the phone though where he told us some very exiting news. *drumroll* He wants to take Steph and I to Korea next December with Auntie Jasmine and Jordan (our beautiful half sister)! I feel so lucky and thankful.

Back to tonight- I ended up celebrating with Yanto and his Dad, Arie plus his brother Tobin and Grace (Tobin's gf). I always look forward to these nights as the atmosphere is always warm, positive and loving. Usually we crowd around Arie's round table and chat over a delicious home cooked meal that comes straight from Arie's heart- it's interesting how you can tell when a meal has been cooked with love, do you agree? So tonight we took him out for a meal at Tak Chee House in Northbridge after he requested a simple meal of fried rice (of all things!). 

Most of us ended up getting the highly recommended chicken rice which everyone agreed was fairly extraordinary. Yanto had that 'heaven' look on his face and Arie even ordered a second helping. I for one could not compare it my chicken rice experiences in Singapore because today was officially my first day of vegetarianism (more on that another time) and I ordered the vegetarian char kway teow. It was great in its oily, salty glory and I did not miss the meat, nor did I feel tempted to try a piece of chicken.

We ended off the night at Icey Ice, where else! I love spending time with my second family, they are truly beautiful and kind people. If you're interested in getting to know Yanto more, read his post on Father's Day here. He started a blog today to copy me write down some of his random musings after seeing how much I enjoy blogging! 

Ending with today's selfie and my notd. This nail colour came as a free gift and I was unsure about the shade- I would personally never pick out a brown nail polish. Regardless I tried it on and I don't mind it. It makes me feel muted and mature.

I hope all Dads are feeling loved today,


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