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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Last Monday, I was invited to attend a half day seminar run by Goldzone Leadership Centre.

"4 Hours of entertaining, stimulating and central information and experiential exercises that gives you an experience and understanding of Personal Power, New-Paradigm Leadership and how to dramatically improve performance and results. You will discover more effective tools, strategies and methods compared to the old style and traditional leadership model of dominance, command and control. You will learn about the 7 levels of market leadership, 7 levels of product leadership and how to give yourself or your organization a competitive edge.

This world-class 1/2-day seminar will help you to solve your most pressing leadership challenges, improve performance and team results"

Admittedly, the seminar did focus on business leadership and leading a team, but I found many points applicable to myself, after all we are all leaders. I certainly never thought of myself as a leader- isn't 'leading' reserved for the great and powerful, i.e. Jesus, Obama and so forth? I was wrong. We all lead sometime within our lives- whether it be ourselves, our families, Uni projects or a work team!

I actually forgot to bring my camera which I was quite upset about, sorry for the phone quality photos. Beauty was abundant that day and sadly wasn't captured. The seminar was held at the Pan Pacific hotel and I walked 3 km to get there and enjoyed the weather and the unappreciated beauty of Perth City. This put me in the perfect mood as I entered the conference floor which was bathed in opulence from the dark marbled floors to the black stone chandeliers.

Here is a jumbled camera roll for viewing pleasure:

The seminar itself was provoking, empowering and inspiring. The best information was delivered by Joyce Lim, one of the best communicators I have had the pleasure to meet. She was energetic, passionate, honest and captivating. These forces combined had me and everyone else in the room sitting at the edge of their seats for the whole 4 hours, drinking in the multitude of information presented to us and secretly judging and applying it to our own lives (we were told not to just yet hehe).

To me, one of the most important things that I took from the seminar was the comparison of 'life as I know it vs life as it could be'. The possibilities are endless. Joyce used the example of Erik Weihenmayer (read his story), he's a seasoned adventurer and specifically loves to climb mountains- think ice picks, sheer drops, Mount Everest and all. The only drawback is that well... He's blind.

"If a blind man can climb 7 summits... What can you do?"

Take a look at the Optima Zones for the 7 types of people. Detailed version here. I believe I have lived most of my life in the Orange zone (security) - slow to change, fear of mistakes, no risk. I asked Joyce afterwards whether 'shyness' is a personality or learned trait. It is learned. I realized I have been making excuses for myself all my life for missed opportunities, for my lack of friends, for being bullied etc. blaming my 'shyness' which I always thought was embedded deep in my personality.

I am also familiar with the Yellow and Green zones. Have you ever found yourself in a mood where you felt enthusiastic, proactive and dynamic? It feels good! That is precisely how I feel when I'm blogging, creating art (gosh it's been awhile), taking photographs and strangely enough, in exams. That's super nerdy isn't it? When someone communicates with this sort of energy, everybody knows! One person that springs to mind is the Youtube star Michelle Phan. She practically brims with positivity, creativity and passion and look where is now. She went from a girl doing makeup on Youtube to creating her own cosmetics line!

Who else can you think of?

Everybody's aim should be to live above the Optima line. I strongly believe that good things will come when you adopt a positive, passionate and enthusiastic attitude towards life. In fact, that has happened to me! A mere 3 months after starting my blog and I've managed to get 3 sponsorships from companies wanting me to review and showcase their products, something I never considered possible! I'm very glad my hard work shows in my posts :).

This basic information was enough for me to take away and digest this food for thought. The rest of seminar covered how this info can be applied to businesses to achieve a fast track to success. They discussed the details of 'New-Paradigm Leadership' which is used by companies such as Google. Everyone's heard of the amazing Google offices right?! If not, Google it ;).

It may sound gimmicky and I understand these things aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I can only share what I think and I think Goldzone is on to something. I do believe they can help people and I think most people need help. There are offices in Perth, Singapore and Sydney is coming soon.

Goldzone website Goldzone Facebook

Check them out if you dare take the plunge, this stuff can be scary!


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