Gummi Nails Trial

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Today I'm going to give my thoughts on an up and coming brand based in Singapore, Gummi Nails! I have been following their Instagram and Facebook page for awhile since my friend Vicki alerted me to their presence. As a former graphic design student, my eye was delighted with the bright, funky, tongue in cheek designs available. I haven't seen any designs around that quite match these- there is even a wrap featuring Ryan Gosling!

"It's 100% effortless - no drying time or heat lamp needed. Just finish with a layer of top coat and you're ready to rock the world".

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Each GUMMI Nails kit retails for $16 (Sg) and includes:
- One sheet of 20 nail wraps
- A mini nail file
- Step-by-Step instructions

They will be available for international purchase on September 18th at
I was kindly sent 3 designs for consideration- RAWRR!, Candy Beach and Pretty in Pink Aztec.

   photo IMG_2266_zpsd4ace09e.jpg

Out of the 3 designs, I was the most drawn to Candy Beach, so bright and reminiscent of carefree beachy days! Please Summer hurry up and come! I love that each wrap is unique and that each set comes with enough for two uses on all 10 fingers. 

 photo IMG_2270_zpsc41f6be9.jpg 


Compared to some wraps I have tried before, Gummi Nails are of high quality. They adhered very well to my nails and when I had air bubbles, they were easy to lift off and stretch out to get rid of the bubbles. When I made a mistake, they were easy to peel off completely and did not damage my nails.

For me, was harder than I expected. Firstly, I have extremely long fingers and petite nails. This was a problem as the smallest nail wrap was 10mm wide and my pinky nail is a mere 7mm wide. This meant that I had to trim the wraps to fit my nails which was quite time-consuming. Out of the 10 wraps I used, I had to trim 6 to fit my tiny nails. Secondly, my nails are quite curved which made for more air bubbles than if applied on a flat nail, and I ended up with a few that I couldn't press out.

Other than that, application was relatively fuss free. It was basically trim, smooth and then file! You can apply a top coat to help it last longer (10 days!), but note only some top coats are suitable to use in conjunction with Gummi Nails. I tested mine out, All-in-one by Manicare, on a spare wrap and it crinkled up and died before my eyes. All up, it took me half an hour to get all 10 of my nails done and I suspect that time will decrease with practice. Keep in mind that you do not have to use all 10 at once, you can use individual wraps as accent nails!

 photo IMG_2288_zpsd9d988e3.jpg
 photo IMG_2355_zps9985e1d3.jpg

Overall, I did not get a perfect result due to the size and curve of my nails, but from afar the effect of the bright colors and design trumps the minor air bubbles which are only visible upon close inspection. If you have small nails like me, just note that you may need to work a bit harder to apply these. However, if you have relatively flat and normal sized nails, I think these would be a breeze to apply! For example, look how perfectly The Makeup Box has applied hers.

Ultimately, I think that the quirky designs and novelty of these wraps is one of a kind. Yes, I had some trouble applying mine, but I believe that is due to the size and shape of my nails, not the product. I was especially enamored with the fact that I could go to the bathroom immediately after applying these without ruining my nails! Hehe! 

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  1. SQUEEE!!! These are super cute!
    Shame the site isnt up yet or I'd be browsing already. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Hi Nhi! if you are in Australia they are available at or

      for all other countries please visit today!! <3


  2. Only a few more days and then they will be up! You can also find them on Facebook and browse their designs, there are so many super cute ones :)