In with the New

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

We are moving house- a nightmare for some, but in our case a very welcome change! The only gripe I have is the timing- of course we're moving in the week where we have three mid semester exams. Practical exams nonetheless- after three years of having practical assessments you'd think it would get easier, but no the panic and the stress levels have increased in parallel with the difficulty of the material. Which is to be expected in a course such as mine, I suppose. 

Speaking of exams, we have a grand total of 8 final exams this year (the same as the last 4 semesters lol)! I think it's terrible to put this much strain on students- can one undertake so much stress without emotional and physical consequences? Tutors seem to relish telling us stories of students they have witnessed break down/cry/vomit in their practicals- legends that I hope will never include me. 

I will be quite relieved once the week is over, all this packing and studying is exhausting! Aside from that, here's to growth, fresh starts and faith.



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