Sleek Blush by 3 Pumpkin Palette Review and Swatches (on my Face!)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

There are 5 blush sets to choose from and I decided on the 'Pumpkin' palette from Crush Cosmetics after seeing it in one of Bubzbeauty's videos. The main reason I made the purchase was because the compact size of the Sleek by 3 palette makes it so attractive for travel purposes plus I really trust the quality of Sleek products. Plus at $19.95 AUD for three blushes, it's practically a steal compared to a single drugstore/Priceline blush!

Sleek's packaging is congruent across the brand. The photos make the palette seem large, but it is actually just slightly longer than the palm of my hand! Inside there is a big mirror that covers the whole inner surface of the lid, which I really appreciate. There is no space wasted with the blushes laid beautifully side by side and no crappy brush to be seen. In my opinion, a good thing because I always throw away brushes that come in these sets in favour of my tried and tested brushes. 

To be honest, I was quite alarmed when I opened the palette, the colours are even brighter than they appeared on the website and I thought I had made the wrong choice (I was tossing up between 'Lace' and 'Pumpkin'). They did swatch more kindly though, with the different textures showing up quite nicely.

Lantern is a bright red with a satin finish.
Squash is a hot pink with a shimmer finish.
P Pie is a bright orange with a matte finish.

The blushes are extremely pigmented- I use my MAC 134 large powder brush and tap it, not stroke, once into the blush, tap it off and then apply it high on my cheekbones stroking upwards. I can't see myself hitting pan on these ever considering the vast amount of product and that one tap is all I need! The blushes apply brightly, evenly and blend beautifully on a powdered surface. The only forseeable downside is that it is very easy to pick up too much product on your brush, so be careful and build the colour slowly.

I am always frustrated with product reviews that do not show the product being used on the part it is supposed to be used on! Eg. Blush on cheeks, eyeshadow on eyes, you get the drift. When searching reviews for this product before I bought it, the internet was awash with photo upon photo of either the packaging or hand/arm swatches, which did not help me at all in choosing the palette that would be right for me. A blush swatched on the hand looks completely different when applied on the face! So seeing as this is a review on blush, here are 'face swatches' showing the different looks that can be created with all 3 blushes. It was more time consuming, but I hope readers can use the information to make a more informed decision before purchasing a product :).

My face makeup is exactly the same in all the following pictures, the only product that changes is the blush! I kept the look very neutral and minimal (no false eyelashes OMG!), keeping the cheeks as the focus.

Product List
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #27
ZA 2 way powder foundation in #23
'Buck' from Naked palette on the eyebrows
'Sidecar' from Naked palette all over the eyelids
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner in Black only on the corners of the eyes
NYX white eyeliner on waterline
Maybelline Colossal Lash in Black (waterproof)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Champagne on Ice'

The red shade is perfect for a glamorous or professional look. I found it looked a lot more natural when used in conjunction with a bronzer- here I'm using the bronzer from Sleek's Face Contour kit. Out of all the shades, I found Lantern the hardest to pull off.

The perfect pink to create a girly sweet look! My favourite shade of the lot because it goes the best with my skin tone and makes me think of cupcakes.

P Pie 
Will look awesome in Summer as it really brings out my tan. It also slims the face nicely!

And that's enough of my face! 

Overall, I love these blushes and would highly recommend them. I will definitely be taking them on my travels with me to Nepal and Japan and I love that the three shades will have me covered for many different looks. I am quite tanned for a Chinese, and I think that the 'Pumpkin' set would look great on anyone from my skintone to darker skintones. On lighter skin that can match regular BB creams, I think you would be better off with a more muted palette such as 'Lace'.   

If you are in Australia, you can get them here!



  1. Thanks for the face swatches, you're right that they do help a lot more than just swatches on a hand!

    1. Thanks Monica! The extra time to take the photos is worth it if it helps at least one person :)

  2. I think this is my face Blush by 3 palette from Sleek! I own the Face Form and the Rose Gold blush in it is super pretty! Looks like I need to get my hands on this. :)

    Sandy xx
    SMXYC: Lifestyle, beauty and fashion

    1. This is a great palette if you like super pigmented blushes! Lately I've been liking more powdery, smoother blushes that you can build up slowly. But this one is great for traveling! Thanks for your comment Sandy xx