Stylenanda 3CE Powdery Lip and Cheek review

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Today I'm going to review Stylenanda's 3CE Powdery Lip and Cheek product in Tibet Orange. I received this in my anniversary haul from Yanto a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely a surprise, especially when I saw the color! I must say that I would not have picked this for myself simply because it is a cream product and I generally tend to stay clear of those because I have the impression that they are more difficult to apply.

This product is marketed as a multi use cream for the cheeks and lips. I do like the idea of reaching for the same item for your lips and cheeks as it takes the guesswork out of color matching and would be very space-saving for travel.

 photo 3con-3299_en_zps5b2b2267.jpg  photo 1_zpsa0f58660.jpg  photo 2_zpsb821ae7e.jpg  photo 3_zps0c18deb4.jpg 
The packaging is simple, yet feels classy and expensive. The pot has a nice weight to it and is about the standard size of a gel eyeliner.

Tibet Orange is a bright, true orange. I was fairly intimidated and curiously went to the website to see how they applied it on their models.

 photo 3con-3303_zpsf232a7ad.jpg
I must say I wasn't exactly drawn to the product- the blush looks patchy and a bit garish even on the beautiful Park Sora, my favorite Stylenanda girl!

L- swatched thickly. R- blended out.


Application- The site suggests that since the product is a 'powdery' type, and to pat, not rub the color onto your lips with your fingers.

 photo IMG_2160_zpse0c214ce.jpg
Applied over lip balm

Verdict- My lips are naturally a darker shade of pink, so the orange turns them a coral color. The product has a unique powdery gel consistency and was quite sheer on application compared to the pot color. Application with my fingers was easy and thankfully was not patchy. However, the powdery texture did not work to my advantage as I have naturally dry, lined lips and this product emphasized the dryness and settled into the creases. It does not provide any moisture to the lips at all. You can see from the photo that pressing my lips together has actually made the product stick together and 'ball up' on my bottom lip. Furthermore, the color only lasted an hour at most.

Overall, I disliked this product for my lips.


Application- The website suggested applying the product with fingers, applying small amounts at a time to build the color. I found that applying the product with my fingers made for a patchy uneven result, similar to the first promo picture.

The best way for me to get a smooth, even finish is to apply the product with my fingers and then use a stippling brush to blend it out.

 photo IMG_2163_zps8d55ed4c.jpg

I apply the blush in two strokes over my cheekbones and then do a tribal war dance. Note that this product works best over foundation or BB cream that has not been set with powder. Generally blushes work best when you match textures, eg. powdered base with powder blush, liquid base with cream blush. Here I'm wearing Missha BB cream in #27.

You need to use a firm hand to blend out this product as it adheres to BB cream quite strongly. When applied over powder, it was harder to blend and more patchy. I'm using my Sigma F80 stippling brush here in a circular motion and I would suggest using a dense brush for this.

 photo IMG_2222_zpsa891920e.jpg photo IMG_2225_zpsfb396f75.jpg

Verdict- I love the silky glow it gives my cheeks. The orange compliments my tanned skin very nicely and does not look garish or outrageous. If you have fairer skin, the color will pop a lot more as it did in the promo pictures. It lasts the whole day on my combination skin without using a setting powder. Overall, I actually prefer this color to my usual peach and pink blushes and think it's perfect for Summer coming up!

The Good
  • Gives the cheeks a lovely, silky glow, perfect for a luminous look.
  • Small size makes it convenient for travel.
  • Unique color (have not been able to find anything similar in stores).
  • Would suit any skin type.
  • Lasts the whole day on the cheeks.
  • Medium blendability.
  • Buildable and easy to control the color payoff.
  • Generous product amount.
  • $17.61 USD is cheap for us in Australia where a drugstore blush easily costs over $20.
The Bad
  • Settles into creases and emphasizes dry lips.
  • Lasts for around an hour on lips. 
  • Is not really suitable as a multi use product, due to the poor performance on lips.
  • Application is more difficult and slightly more time consuming than using a powder blush. 
  • Cannot use fingers to blend it out.
  • I recommend using a stippling brush which makes this a problem if you only have one brush, or don't have one at all. 


I like this product as a blush, not a lip product. The unique colors, luminous finish and price are attractive points, however the more fussy application is a downer and unsuitable for rushed mornings. I prefer this finish to a powder blush, but would I repurchase this? 
No. If the formula was altered so that it was more suitable for the lips, and more blendable on the cheeks then maybe I would reconsider.


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