To Be Thankful

Thursday, 26 September 2013

This week has been a little trying for me. I've been feeling unmotivated, lazy and well... Pretty ungrateful towards life in general. Strangley, there was no defining moment that set me down this track, suddenly all I wanted to do was mope around the house and bitch about everything. Today after a rather average lunch at Bull Creek Hawker, Yanto, Mickey and I went back to ours so they could practice adjusting. I nonchalantly snuck out of the room and into bed (excessive napping is a sign of depression isn't it?!) and there I stayed. At 3pm they both started jumping on my bed and ripping the sheets off yelling something about lab at 3:30 and I literally groaned 

"no no no no no no no no no NO!
*with increasing volume working into a yell* 

Mickey left me alone after that and I don't blame him. Suffice to say, I stayed in bed whilst they both attended lab and when I woke up I was literally like, 'What the hell am I doing!?'

I have so much in this life to be grateful for! 

I am healthy, have a new roof over my head and have a wonderful loving relationship with my sister and boyfriend. I live in a beautiful city blessed with clean air, parks and everything at my disposal. Living in the modern world is also a blessing (some may disagree!). The internet allows us to connect with friends, family and strangers in an instant- for someone as socially inept and awkward as me, having a blog for a mere 4 months has done wonders. It has opened up so many opportunities and the many emails from you readers, some simply wanting to connect/tell me something/ask advice, make me the happiest. Blogging is fast becoming a passion and I'm going to kick off these boots and swim good. 

I believe that giving thanks is the first step to happiness. I am thankful for everything I have, because no one owes me anything. You'd be surprised at the amount of people that go through life thinking everyone owes them something. You can see it in the way they treat people. There are some I can think of that are very close to home... 

Be grateful. Be kind. Do things because you want to. 

No more moping!


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  1. Hey Kimmeh

    Great to see that you managed to pick yourself up after being in a bit of a slump. Here's a great little video I came across the other day which cheered me up a whole deal. Totally one of those vids that makes you run to someone for a cuddle xD