Weekends in Fremantle

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Last weekend I felt lucky. It started when we were driving to Freo and I was struck by the crisp blue skies and simple fresh air. At that moment, life was still and glorious. 

La Tropicana Cafe on Urbanspoon  

We stopped by for lunch at La Tropicana, a cafe I stumbled upon a few years ago before the days of using Urbanspoon as my food bible. The cafe is easy to miss from the street, but inside it is breezy, cavernous and mismatched. It's quirky but definitely not pretentious with an array of bright colours and local art hanging on the walls that changes every time I visit. It's a perfect place for a lazy catch up and chill out sesh if you're looking to eat up time- having not a care in the world will help. It's become a tradition to go to La Tropicana and order the tasting plate ($24 between 2 people) because it is different every time! Yanto was actually quite reluctant to get it because he doesn't like 'small and fussy' food, but judging from the questionable sounds and enthusiastic nodding coming from across the table, I think he changed his mind. Everything, down to the last olive and hunk of cheese (which Yanto wrapped in tissue and took home), tasted fresh and of wonderful quality. 

Oh and the sauces/relishes deserve a special mention, because these unassuming pots of dark goop are divine!

 photo IMG_2239_zpsaf596da0.jpg  photo IMG_1818_zpsb7ad1ca1.jpg  photo IMG_1803_zpsc28a6b62.jpg  photo IMG_1805_zps98aa7e00.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zps22cc63d4.jpg  photo IMG_1813_zpsa2d17862.jpg  
I always look forward to going to La Tropicana, the atmosphere is brilliant and always exalts my good mood and I leave feeling relaxed and satisfied. Although Yanto is a big eater, we were both full from sharing the tasting plate (surprisng huh?!) and I highly recommend it! Usually I avoid going out for brunch because I don't like to pay for meals that I could make at home, but tasting plates have a soft spot in my heart. 

A brilliant middle to a joyous day :) 

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