BRTC Jasmine Whipping Essence Review

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I received this item in October's Bntnews beauty box. The whipping essence is part of the Jasmine moist system from BRTC (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics) which is described as a:

'Waterful Line displaying dry and dull skin moistly and lively with aromatic flower ingredients from jasmine consists of hot items from base to make up'

3 Functions of the Jasmine Moist System
1. Balance care
2. Wrinkle Improvement
3. Intensive moisturizing 

Not the best translation from Korean to English, but basically the system targets dry and dull skin. If you add 'uneven' to the list, that is my skin in a nutshell! So I was quite excited to try this out as I have been wanting to replace my current moisturiser. 

Product Information and Claims

Dual-layered Whipped Serum for Soft Skin- This gentle serum sans synthetic emulsifiers and parabens adds a nice dewy glow to your skin for a healthy look. Skin-affinitive natural oils and emulsifiers create a protective barrier and increase skin's moisture retaining ability for long-lasting comfort and softness.

Blue Phyto Complex- containing ECOCERT-certified lavender water. It alleiviates skin stress, prevents skin dryness & itchiness, and softens rough, scaly skin.

Purple Vigor Complex- infused with the energy of purple plants that combat and repair skin damaged by aging and environmental contaminants for soft youthful skin. 

The whipping essence is to be used after cleansing and toning and completes the 3D watery shining skin through a double protection of water and oil. 

From this information (gained from the box and pamphlet that came with it) I gather that the system is supposed to give you the much coveted youthful dewy skin favored by many K-pop stars! 


The bottle is made of glass and is quite heavy, expensive feeling and looks fantastic on my dresser. I especially like the ombre white to purple effect- without it the bottle would look quite 'clinical'. Luckily I have carpet because this would definitely smash if you dropped it on a hard surface so be careful! There is 30mL of product so the bottle is around the average size of a serum- see the photo below for comparison to my hand.


The silver lid twists off and to my surprise there was an eyedropper tool attached to it! This was quite novel to me as I have only ever used pump top serums. It certainly adds to the 'laboratory' feel of the brand and makes it easy to control how much you use each time. However, this may not be everyone's cup of tea as the bottle can easily be knocked over and the serum come spilling out of the open top.  

Before applying the product on clean skin, shake the bottle to mix the oil and water together. I use the dropper to dispense a drop at a time onto my fingers and then pat it onto my face- I use 6 drops for every use. Yes I count them!

Consistency and Absorption

The consistency of the milky serum is akin to water and spreads across the skin extremely well due to the oil component. It smells delightful, like jasmine green tea with an amplified floral component.

I have dry, sensitive skin that starts to tighten and itch 5 minutes after I get out of the shower, hence I try to apply moisturiser as soon as possible. When I apply this, my skin drinks it up immediately! I tried using this alone without any other skincare products and found that although the moisture level was potent for the amount used, it wasn't enough to fully replenish the moisture to my dry skin (it may be moisturising enough to use alone for oily skin types). Now I apply my Palmer's rejuvenating facial serum afterwards which gets rid of the few flakes remaining on my forehead. My skin definitely looks more dewy and luminous afterwards, which translates into my base makeup so I look dewy (not oily) all day! 

I was afraid that the oil component in the product would make me break out as I have acne prone sensitive skin. After 5 days of use, morning and night, I can say that it does not break me out.

Proof in Pictures

Yanto very kindly agreed to supply his forehead for me to take before and after photos as I was struggling to take them on myself. His skin is a good model for this product's claims as he has some fine wrinkles developing on his forehead as can be seen below.


I applied two drops of serum, patted it in and here are the results:

The difference is slight, but you can see the skin is more luminous which reduces the appearance of the fine lines.

My Opinion

Personally, I love this product for how it makes my skin look and feel. It has replaced my previous moisturiser in my routine and I am really enjoying how the dewiness affects how my base makeup looks on my skin. In terms of claims, I think the essence does a fantastic job of moisturising my skin and making it feel balanced without being oily. I do not have any wrinkles so I cannot comment on that aspect, but prevention is better than cure right?

I would say this product is great for sensitive, dry skin or those who are fans of the dewy look. Those with oily or combination skin might find that this product will increase shine. Skip this if you are a fan of matte skin! 

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

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