Don't Die from B

Friday, 18 October 2013

Every year, thanks to the Australian Summer and short shorts, my legs get disproportionally darker than the rest of my body no matter how much sunscreen I wear! So this year I came up with a strategy: maxi skirts! I received my haul of 4 maxi skirts from BooHoo today. Mental note to self: you are size 6, so stop getting size 8! I always make this mistake because have an irrational fear of tighter fitting clothes because I like to leave room for my stomach to expand after eating HAHA. 

Quay Eyewear sunnies
Sportsgirl earrings
Stylenanda top
Boohoo skirt
Shoe Show boots

My hair was dirty today so I scraped it back into a high ponytail and tied an elastic half way down for a 'warrior-esque' look (or so I like to think). Stylenanda's Pink Boom lip lacquer tied everything together for a somewhat girly yet edgy look. 


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