Monday, 21 October 2013

A few nights ago there was a dinner at my Lou ee Carol's house! Her beautiful house and entertaining skills are to die for, here are some of the snaps I took between stuffing my face dainty mouthfuls.

Oh durian, you are such a luxury to have in Perth. To me, you don't even smell bad!
Sasha- the cutest halfie ever. he didn't cry once the whole night! I would like a child like that :).
Steph and Yolanda being all matchy matchy in cobalt. We are so tanned compared to Yolanda! I have come to love my tan *always proud*.
Home made popiah for mains. One of my favorite dishes ever!
Sasha and his beautiful Mum, Olga. We must visit them soon! Sasha is so cute that I just want to buy him presents.
I ate three of these babies. Lucky I wore a maxi skirt to conceal my (food) baby.
The all important dessert spread. It's ok, being pescetarian, I figure I can substitute meat for cakes.
Apparently Sasha really likes shoes and wants to wear them all the time! So adorable!
Interesting plates make for interesting dining.
I'm getting full just looking at these pictures.


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