Graymelin CC Base Cream Review

Monday, 21 October 2013

I received the Graymelin Vintage CC Base Cream (Color Control) in October's Bntnews beauty box. I was so so excited to try this out as I have never tried a CC cream before and was feeling that niggling urge to give in to the hype and purchase one!


*Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Hydration*

'Formulated to refine uneven skin tone and enhance skin's natural beauty color and for intensive skin care, this unique formula provides plenty of moisture and nourishment to leave skin hydrated for smoother and clear looking skin as well as help dull skin bright(en) and radiant that will bring out your natural beauty'.

1. CC means 'color correction' that brings out natural balance of skin tone for a more youthful and glowing complexion.
2. It is a kind of BB cream that is designed to help make up appear natural which will bring out a more natural beauty.
3. Contains micro color capsules to reveal a clear and healthy complexion and it is free of parabens, talc and mineral oils.

Arbutin- to supress production of melanin which causes freckles and discoloration.
Niacinamide- for whitening, moisturising and cell renewal.
Bifida fermentation solution- a beneficial bacteria that increases oxygen supply to the skin.
Hyaluronic acid- enhances skin moisture and elasticity.

Impressive claims, however there is no mention of SPF! SPF is a must for Australian conditions, so take note to wear sunscreen underneath this.


The product came in a special '1950s' vintage edition box and tube. From my understanding, the 1950s were all about retro, colorful and funky fashion- think Grease the movie! That sense of fun does not translate into the packaging for this product which is quite modern in its monochrome, shiny and sleek design. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of minimalistic design, I'm just confused as to why this was marketed as a 1950s special edition! Confusion aside, the tube itself is functional and expensive feeling. The product dispenses through a hygienic tapered nozzle, and as it's a squeeze tube, you can be sure that no product will be wasted at the end of it's days.


The CC cream is relatively thick, but becomes thinner upon blending as the color capsules burst. The cream is bright white and as I suspected, does not adjust to my darker skin tone, which I was very sad about. The coverage is light, and it does cover some redness and evens out my skin tone. However, the most noticeable effect of this CC cream is the ghostly white cast it gives my face. I have to make sure to really cover every part of my face with the product to achieve an even finish, as my darker skin comes through the thinner areas of the cream- see the photo below which illustrates this.

The box suggests to apply air cushion over the top of the cream. I don't own an air cushion product but found that a dusting of powder over the top was not enough to correct the white cast the cream gives me. On the days where I wore the CC cream alone, I did not notice any flakiness or oiliness on my dry skin as the hours passed.

However...[there's a twist! Read on!]

Proof in Pictures

I always think my skin is in alright condition until I take these awful macro shots :(. Oh the things I do for visual evidence!
Note the patchy finish due to the CC cream being too light for my skin.
Hope is not lost! Although I cannot wear this CC cream on it's own due to the white cast, it works magnificently as an illuminating primer! After some experimentation, I now use the CC cream on areas that I want to glow such as my forehead and cheeks. I then apply my favorite BB cream (Missha Perfect Cover #27) over the top and I find that it gives my skin an amazing luminous glow that I have been loving these Spring days. 

See how beautifully the light diffuses!
Final Thoughts

Overall, it's quite ironic that I have to use a BB cream to color correct a CC cream! I love this CC cream not as a base, but as a primer. It just makes me look so luminous and I'm in love with the look. That being said, I would consider this step optional for most people, especially those who want a short morning routine.

Long story short, this CC cream on it's own will not match darker skinned girls. I would recommend this product if you are looking for an illuminating primer that is beneficial to your skin.

If you have paler skin that matches most BB creams on the market and are looking for a light coverage cream with moisturising benefits, than this product is right up your alley!

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.


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