How to Throw a Dinner Party?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

We moved house some weeks ago, remember this post? My BB cream was way too light for me in those pictures, blegh. Moving turned out to be an incredibly stressful process, and we finally had the promised dinner night for Micky and Arie. I have actually never thrown a dinner party before and it went surprisingly well and was totally stress free! Here's how we planned it:

1. Set the menu beforehand! I actually made a lactose and gluten free cake the day before to get dessert out of the way. We asked if our guests had any food requests and Micky said fish. He's from Norway so I guess he's been missing fish in his diet as it's crazy expensive over here! The menu was: pan fried salmon fillets, potato gratin and a fresh Mediterranean style salad.

2. Invite your guests over early and keep them entertained whilst you do the cooking. Here are the boys having a ball playing Mario, I actually think they wanted to keep playing rather than eat dinner hehe.

3. Create some ambiance in the dining area. We do not own many decorative pieces, hence the table setting was pretty much the bare minimum. Dim the lights and light a sexy candle ;)

4. A cute fluffy doggy always adds to the entertainment value. Here is a freshly bathed and brushed Pika Pomeranian refusing to open her eyes for a photo. Every time I point a camera her way she either a) Refuses to look at the camera, b) Refuses to open her eyes. That night it was the latter. Out of the 7 photos I took of her, in 5 she had her eyes closed.

5. Call everyone to the table and take an obligatory happy snap!

6. Dig in! We managed to get the salmon perfect, but I didn't like the potato gratin. It was pretty soggy and heavy, but the guys seemed to like it. Next time we will cook something like lasagna- that's generally a crowd pleaser!

7. After everyone was satisfied and full to the brim, we somehow ended up sharing hideous old photos of Steph and I in our ugly phases. Steph and I were finding it hard to breathe because we were laughing so much! I'm fairly sure everyone else was trying to be polite and not laugh too much for fear of offending us. This definitely wasn't planned but it was hilarious!

Attractive kids

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