Insomnia, you Suck!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Since I was a kid, I've suffered from 'waves' of insomnia. I will sleep fine for weeks to months then BAM, I'll have insomnia for days, the longest has been 10. Sleep is an underrated activity, I tell you! I am so jealous of Steph and Yanto who can sleep anytime, anywhere- in lectures, planes, as a subject in a University psychology lab study (?!). Each and every time these periods hit it is torture and it significantly reduces my quality of life. I can't study well, I eat everything in the house, I'm reluctant to go to Uni, I take no pride in my appearance, not to mention I get hella grouchy!!! 

There are definitely situations that induce these periods of insomnia, some have included:

Sleeping in a new environment (This is major problem when traveling sigh)
Sharing my bed with another person (took me weeks to get used to Yanto and his snoring)
Exam times
Weather changes

As of today, I have not slept for 4 consecutive nights. The nights are so long and tortuous, it seems I am awake the whole night, however in the mornings I get brief flashbacks of dreams- day dreams perhaps? Does that mean I drift into a light sleep for a few minutes? Who knows, but I am definitely awake to watch the sun gradually peep in through the blinds. Last night I hit breaking point and dissolved into a frustrated mess of hysterical tears. It felt like I was being punished for something, cum Macbeth quote, 

'Methought I heard a voice cry "Sleep no more!
Macbeth does murder sleep," the innocent sleep'

N3rd. Anyway, this time I believe the reason for my insomnia is that exams are coming in 3 weeks. This is confusing to me because a) I am not actively stressed, b) I'm fairly organized this period and am confident I will do well, c) I actually feel really chilled... Towards life in general. So what's eating me? Who knows.

Here is my extensive list of remedies I have tried over the years:

Warm (soy) milk
Bed time herbal tea
Cutting out caffeine
Herbal pills
Melatonin pills 
Vitamin supplements
Banning electronic devices from bed
Grounding myself to the earth
Music therapy
Counting sheep
Breathing exercises
Thanking each part of my body (revising my anatomy)
Isometric muscle exercises
No naps
and lastly.... Prescription pills. So many different pills.

And what has worked?
A prescription pill called Kalma which from my vague understanding, works by knocking out your brain function. Also, it's addictive. I'm into natural health and remedies and drugs only as a last resort. I refuse to take Kalma again, the last time I took it was when I didn't know better- imagine what is in those tablets *shudder*. 

Right now, all I want is a few good quality hours of sleep.

 I wish all of you a good night's sleep,


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