Les Miserables

Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm an obsessive person by nature. When I love something I will wear/watch/use/read it over and over until something else comes along to take my fancy. Generally, this never happens with movies, but when it comes to Les Mis, I'm a sucker. Having grown up with the Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera soundtracks blasting through the house every weekend, I have a massive soft spot for musicals. I know I sound like an old crone when I say this, but the music and lyrics are so beautiful and moving, nothing like the shallow tosh produced these days that they call 'modern' music ppfft :P

That being said, I have watched the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables (the 2010 stage show) 6 times and the movie (2012) once in the last 10 days. Seeing as they are both around 3 hours long, that is no mean feat considering I study full time. Wow haha.... My sad life. The movie is appalling compared to the stage show, who's great idea was it to cast Russel Crowe as Javert?! So disappointing. But yes, I still cried every single time!

It's the combination of outstanding human talent backed by an amazing orchestra and such masterful melodies and lyrics that move me to tears. Admittedly, Nick Jonas as Marius was a questionable (I don't want to be mean!) casting choice- he really can't hold his notes and sounds a bit like me after an hour of karaoke hehe. But Alfie Boe as Valjean, Lea Salonga as Fantine and of course my beloved Ramin Karimloo as Enjrolas are outstanding!

My favourite song from the musical is 'One Day More', if you have never seen the movie or the musical, watch this, your ears will thank you. This is from the 10th anniversary concert, I prefer the 25th, but it's still amazing.
'On my Own' and 'Bring him Home' come a close second, but then again I love every single song. As someone who is a terrible singer (oh but that doesn't stop me from singing anyway!), I am just so awed and attracted to singing talent! The 25th anniversary introduced me to Ramin Karimloo who is my older man crush. What a voice. Not to mention that face and those tattoos ^^. I would love to see him in concert one day! Through him I was introduced to Yu Shirota via this video:

You are welcome ;)


  1. Oh gosh, the newest Les Mis has me so scattered. Honestly, I just try to focus on Anne Hathaway who is my ultimate lady crush haha.

    On another note, was browsing ticketek yesterday and came across this. Im unsure if its worth going to, since i just watched the 1980's Phantom of the Opera, and didnt find it too appealing (loved the soundtrack though, just dont think they did a very good job of putting together the story)

    Thought I'd share in case you were interested :)


    1. Omg, thanks for sharing that link Nhi, I actually had no idea the Phantom was playing in Perth! I wonder if it was any good... In any case I'm going to wait until some big productions make their way over here. If you're interested there is a big international production of Les Mis coming (to Melbourne though) next year, I might just have to fly over to see it! hehe! http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/stage/les-mis-to-return-to-melbourne-20130224-2ez77.html

      Anne Hathaway is so pretty, even with no hair :O. She was the best actor/actress in the movie that's for sure.