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Monday, 7 October 2013

Last week we caved and bought a Wii U. Needless to say, the three of us have been spending majority of our study break on the couch button mashing as we stumble our way through the annoyingly cute lands (Steph and I are quite terrible at it, but do we give up? NEVER!). Last Sunday after playing Mario for more than 3 hours without a break, Steph and Yanto realised that they had headaches and also that it was time for dinner! We all felt like going out and decided on trying out Mother India after a quick Urbanspoon search of the area and made a booking.
Mother India on Urbanspoon

When we arrived, let's be honest- I was slightly scared. The restaurant is not located on a main street, but in a residential area so the street was pitch dark and the restaurant was bathed in an eerie bright green light. I almost didn't want to go in based on the appearance alone- would you?

I almost expected to see a ghost appear in the picture, Shutter (the horror movie) style. Frankly, Mother India doesn't look like the most inviting place to eat.

However, once we went in (quite unwillingly might I add), the place was quite beautifully decorated and gave off a warm, mysterious and exotic feeling to it! I loved the atmosphere and homely feel- indeed you can tell by the bathroom that this was once a house, giving the feeling that 'Mother' India is cooking for you. It really is a shame about the outer appearance though because this place is a hidden (literally) gem.

We ordered two vegetarian dishes for Steph and I- the Aloo Baingan (potato and eggplant medium curry) and the Palak Paneer (cottage cheese and spinach) whereas Yanto had the Lamb Saagwala (same sauce as the Palak Paneer). Prices ranged from $10 - $15. For sides we ordered one serving of Naan and rice for two. The servings are quite big- we couldn't finish our meals and ended up taking the leftovers home, so next time we will order less!

The food was simply amazing- one of the best Indian meals I've had in Perth. Everything was so flavorsome, nicely spicy and tasted home cooked! My favorite dish from the night was the Aloo Baingan and the saffron rice which was so soft and fluffy ^^.

And of course what topped the night off for all of us was the service. There were a few awkward service blunders- our waiter placed his tray of cutlery on our table, but tilted it and somehow all of the items on the tray slid silently and rather gracefully off onto the floor next to Steph who didn't know what to say, so awkwardly said "...Oops...". The same waiter (poor guy, he must have been having an off night) also sent a bus tub full of dirty dishes crashing down onto a chair a few tables away from us, but these mishaps definitely didn't affect our impression of the place, in fact they made us giggle a little and made the night more memorable!

There were some amazing service moments that happened during the night too. The first was that we received a complimentary serving of Onion Bhaji's (fritters) as a starter which was a great surprise as complimentary dishes are rare in Perth! Secondly, the man serving behind the counter was so attentive and lovely to us, asking if everything was ok, asking about the food and whether we had been there before. There was a mix up with the bill, we thought we had ordered 1 rice to serve 2 people, but ended up getting two bowls of rice. Instead of charging us for the extra rice, he immediately scratched out the order and didn't charge us! So essentially gave it to us free. That is awesome service and it's sad that we never often experience it in Perth.

Palak Paneer (front) and Aloo Baingan

The Lamb Saagwala

Onion Bhaji's

Overall, we loved Mother India and will definitely be back! We highly recommend it!

Kine, Steph & Yanto

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