Summer Pastels

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Summer is peeping round the corner and I had better take advantage of the warm weather seeing as I'll be spending the month of December in Nepal and Japan briskly hiking over mountains and skiing! This semester cannot end fast enough, I love what I study but lately my motivation has been steadily spiraling downwards. I have realized that I have been studying non stop for 18 years without a break, so I do think some down time is due. 

Anyway, here is a typical Summer outfit for me- when in doubt, I will wear anything that reminds me of ice cream! I call this my 'grandma' top, it was a few dollars from an op/thrift shop and certainly smelled like grandma when I purchased it. It's several sizes too big, but here's a tip- unbutton the last few buttons and tie the sides together to turn it into a batwing style top!

Top from Good Sammy's
Shorts from Stylenanda
Shoes by Windsor Smith
Headband was a gift from my sister

I love my Stylenanda shorts SO much! They are made of a wonderfully thick denim with little to no give in them at all. I feel like they will never stretch, shrink or change in a million years. It's amazing that they fit so damn perfectly! Needless to say, they are my perfect high waisted short and I will be living in them until I go on holiday, period. 


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