Abalone Fishing at Burns Beach, Joondalup, Perth

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Took some photos last weekend when I got up at 5:30am to go abalone hunting with Yanto, Mickey and Pika. Perth is a really pretty place and I'm appreciating it more and more as I get older. When I was younger, all I wanted to do was get out and join a sorority in an American College, get wasted and buy pizza for a dolla' a slice. Now I'm totally content to walk along the beach and smell the sea salt.

Is this not the most epic photo ever?! Taken at exactly the right time, because once I put Pika up on that rock, she immediately wanted to jump down.
I let Pika loose in this field and she went crazy and came back with about 72 billion burrs stuck in her fur which I had to pick out by hand -__-.
Bored waiting for the boys.
Bring Pika he said, dogs will be allowed on the beach, he said -___-.
The above photo is why I wasn't abalone fishing! After a 40 minute drive, I was once again resigned to babysitting Pika whilst the boys went hunting for the allotted hour of 7am-8am. It turns out they got 4 abalones but let them go because they didn't have a licence. What was the point of going fishing in the first place? Don't ask me! But I had a nice time strolling along the beach paths and playing with Pika.

I have two full weeks of exams (8 of 'em!) starting on Monday, so updates will be scarce. Watch this space!



  1. Looking at your pictures, and knowing that it is Australia, I remember with longing the times that I spent when I visited Sydney, Cairns and the reef. That was years ago. I wonder if I'll be back over there one day....... _(Good luck for your exams!)_

    1. thank you for your luck! Just had one exam, going to the next now. Yes, australia is beautiful :) We have the best beaches!