Etude House 'Look at My Cotton Candy Nails' Nail Polish Review

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I'm not a huge nail polish fanatic, but I would say these two shades from Etude House are two of my favorite polishes. Ever. I got these at an Etude House pop up stall in the middle of Vivo City on my trip to Singapore in January for $2 SG, that's about $1.80 AUD! Really wishing I'd picked up the whole collection, but since they were so cheap I thought they'd be of lesser quality, so I only got two pastel shades, ' the Balloon in the Sky' and 'Lavender Lady'. 

Lavender Lady, Balloon in the Sky

The formula is extremely thick and applies streaky and unevenly on the first coat, but don't be deterred. The second coat is like magic! The polish turns completely opaque and evens out perfectly giving a shiny, smooth surface. It looks like I have gel nails when I wear this polish and the perfect finish is super flattering and elongates my nails.

Considering how thick this polish is, with a fast drying top coat, it takes only 10-15mins to dry fully. Major plus for me because I always manage to smear my freshly painted nails and thus, ruin my day.

The polish lasts up to 5 days without chipping, but this does somewhat depend on your top coat. 


The sweet pastel colors and super shiny opaque finish make me think of candy and makes me feel so happy. I actually prefer this type of thick formula as it's more 'sticky' and easier to form a perfect line at the base of my nails as compared to runnier nail polishes, eg. Essie. I love everything about these polishes and am definitely going to stock up when I run into another Etude House store! Hopefully there will be one in Japan when I visit!


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