Face of Australia Glitterati Collection- Disco Inferno Review

Monday, 18 November 2013

I picked this up today at the Priceline 40% off all cosmetics sale (only for the 19th and 20th Nov 2013, so get down there!) for $3, usually these are $4.95. I had heard about these polishes vaguely through the blogosphere, but never really read up on them.

I wore Disco Inferno over Revlon's Purple Pleasures (from the Dark Pleasures line). Disco Inferno is made up of red, pink, mint and blue hexagons and circle glitter pieces suspended in a clear top coat. To me, this combination clashes quite horribly- the red looks out of place amongst the cooler colors which seem to dominate. The polish was quite thick, yet not many glitter pieces dispense upon application- it took me at least 5 or more coats to achieve this level of glitter (note I do have tiny nails)! The glitter itself seems well adhered to my nails and I don't notice any bending or warping of the bits. 

Over this dark (almost black) polish, I can't quite seem to decide whether I like or dislike Disco Inferno. From afar it is quite eye catching and gives a disco space party sort of feel. However when I look at my nails up close I can't help but think of a haphazard confetti party that failed miserably as the clashing glitter pieces stand out awkwardly against the dark background.

No base color applied on my thumb with 3-4 coats of Disco Inferno. See that it is still quite sparse.
 I tried Disco Inferno out on my toes which had a bright, ultraviolet shade of purple on them and found that the glitter pieces blended in really nicely and lost that sparse confetti feeling! This was because the red and pink glitter pieces harmonized better with the bright purple- I will update this post when I have tried out that combo on my fingers... Because no one wants to see pictures of my ballet-battered feet.

Overall, I can't wait to try out this polish with some bright blue, purple or pink base coats. I love the uniqueness, price and eye catching effect of this polish. The downsides are the lack of versatility and the sparseness of the glitter particles- not a fan of having to layer 5 coats of nail polish over yet another base coat. 


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