Graymelin Seven Tatoo Eyebrow in Dark Brown Review

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I received the Graymelin seven tatoo eyebrow pen in dark brown in November's Bntnews beauty box, and in timely fashion as I was looking for a low hassle eyebrow fix to take on my upcoming holiday! My eyebrows are incredibly sparse and refuse to grow, thus I use multiple products and steps to fill them in to the desired straight, thick Korean brows every single day- could this product be my Holy Grail and put an end to the fussing?

Kwon Yuri for Biotherm with the thick, straight eyebrows I wish I had. See how she looks 'friendly' and youthful as opposed to having thin, arched eyebrows which look mature and severe?
The pen comes in a fuss free black box covered in text. I cannot read any of the information as it's written in Hangul and there is no information to be found on the internet either, but I think the product name is fairly self-explanatory. I am assuming the 'seven' means that the product lasts around seven days. The pen itself looks identical to an eyeliner pen with a brush tip that tapers off into an extremely fine point, perfect for drawing individual hairs.

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Formula and Application
I cleaned my eyebrow area with a makeup wipe before I began. The formula is not wet and inky as you would find in an eyeliner, it is drier which gives a feathery, natural effect. The tip of the pen is fine enough to draw realistic looking individual hairs through my brows. The drier formula paired with the fine, stiff brush allows for great precision and I found the pen super easy to use! I concentrated most of the strokes underneath the arches of my brows to 'straighten' them and filled in the area closest to my nose. As you can see, I have no hairs at all in that area and I was worried that the pen strokes would be obvious on a large hairless space, but the end result was so realistic! 

You don't need to be worried about making mistakes using this pen because the ink does not dry immediately. I made some mistakes and was able to simply wipe away the ink with a clean finger, leaving no traces.

Sparse, arched brows that refuse to grow.
Note how fine the tip of the pen is compared to my eyebrows.
After applying the tatoo pen- my brows now look uniform, neat and thick!
However, not all was rosy. This product did not last through one wash of my face. I was shocked when I stepped out of the shower that night to find that all of the ink was gone! Thinking I didn't give it enough time to set during the day, I reapplied it, slept through the night and washed my face in the morning with a gentler cleanser (Clean & Clear's Morning Energy). Here is the result:


A slight stain was left on my brows, there is no sign of individual hair marks, just a brown smudge.

I cannot recommend this product due to the fact that it simply will not last a week, let alone 2 face washes. This was the only claim in English that I could read and this product failed miserably and I was super disappointed- I wanted brows that only needed to be touched up weekly! That being said, the stains act as a nice template and filling my brows in with the pen has only taken around 20 seconds each time. Will I continue using this product? Strangely, yes. I love the result far better than my previous products as it looks so natural! It's a shame that it doesn't last longer. I will keep an eye out for eyebrow tattoo products in Japan!

My natural looking brows ^^

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I have the same problems as you had but I guess it's better than nothing. I really have sparse brows too.

    1. Sparse brows suck! I'm so jealous of girls who actually have eyebrows :P