Happy Beach Snaps at South Freo!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Some happy beach snaps taken on my phone. Perth never seems to have the transition seasons, it's all cold and miserable one day then BAM it's Summer! The boys go to the beach to exercise, they swim around a kilometer. I am a pretty terrible swimmer (is that a stereotype?) and get tired around the 50m mark so I just end up babysitting Pika Pomeranian. Pika has a confusing relationship with water. She doesn't mind baths and doesn't seem too afraid when we put her in the ocean- it's the cutest things to see her swim! However she will never run in willingly. If I leave her on the shore and go for a swim, she goes crazy and starts yapping and spinning round in circles until someone comes out to keep her company -__-.

'Le Big Stylish Hat' as Micky terms it. It's from City beach.
Obligatory 'Circle of Life' photo with any fluffy orange animal!
Boys. They will never admit to Pika being the cutest thing they have ever seen for fear of ruining their manly reputations. Instead they say things like 'that's not a dog' or 'it looks like a rat'. Yet they pick her up all the time for cuddles- I see right through you guys!
Gotta work on those abs -__-
Haha Pika is totally hating on us for manhandling her so much. Look at how squished she looks!
Pika's seat

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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