Mizon Returning Starfish Cream Review

Saturday, 30 November 2013

I received this item in my Bntnews beauty box for November and was wowed by the beautiful gold packaging. When I saw this was 'starfish' cream, I became even more intrigued, because as we all know, starfish have the ability to regenerate and regrow their limbs when they have been damaged!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that 70% starfish extract was the number 2 ingredient listed, meaning that this product contains a large amount of the active ingredient. This product will:

Provide moisture and elasticity to the skin
Manage combination skin 
Improve wrinkles
Promote 'shape memory', returning the skin to it's optimum condition

Starfish are pretty, peaceful and fascinating creatures.
Out of all the products I received in the box, this packaging stood out to me the most. The box is made of a  shiny rose gold foil material that reflects light diffusely. It has a fat starfish print on top, covered in rainbow swirls which I think is so adorable!

The container inside is even cuter and has the same print embossed on the lid, giving it some texture. I love how the packaging is not overly girly, but expensive looking due to the rose gold, white and starfish color scheme. It comes with a spatula which is especially handy given the texture of the cream.

Texture and Application
The texture of this cream is nothing like I have ever felt before! The moisturizer is the brightest white possible and looks shiny and watery, however it remains a semi-solid in the container, even in Australia's hot Summer conditions. It wobbles like jelly when you shake it but retains it's surface! As the cream is solid, it is quite difficult to scoop it out with a finger unless you dig your finger down to the bottom which is quite unhygienic. The spatula is perfect as it cuts through the product, allowing you to scoop out the needed amount.

The product melts immediately upon contact with the skin. It turns clear and becomes extremely watery and glides across the skin providing a cooling sensation. I would say that it has a thin, filmy texture where a little goes a long way. I find this product to be extremely moisturizing, enough so that I can apply this by itself after cleansing and my dry skin feels adequately hydrated and bouncy! That is amazing, usually I have to use a combination of products for my skin to feel comfortable.

My sensitive nose can only handle facial products that have a pleasant scent or no scent. This product has a moderate fruity and fresh smell that reminds me of a tropical island holiday, minus the coconuts. Suffice to say, this is probably one of the best smelling moisturizers I have ever owned and I indulge in the scent on every use. Thumbs up! 

After every use, the cream fills in any dents I created with the spatula and 'returns' to a pristine flat surface. This may be a novel delight, but I love that the starfish theme really extends through all aspects of this product.

I can definitely say that this product has fantastic moisturizing properties and is great for normal to dry skin. My skin feels and looks dewy and moisturized after absorbing the cream and is perfectly prepped for makeup. I love the fact that the moisture level is strong enough for this to be a one-step routine on busy mornings. In terms of improving my skin's elasticity, reducing wrinkles and returning it to optimal condition, I cannot say much because I do not have any wrinkles. My main skin problem is acne and after a week of use, my sensitive skin has not broken out. 

Overall, this is my favorite skin care product from Bntnews so far! So much so that it deserved another photo:

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I've never heard of starfish cream before! I've only heard that snail bee cream is good for your skin, wow i definitely need to check this out! The packaging is so cute and pretty, i'm guessing it works really well because you're complexion looks amazing!


    1. Thanks Fifi! If you have normal to dry skin definitely check this out, you will fall in love with the packaging and texture <3. So lovely to meet another Aussie blogger, I'm off to stalk your blog now ;)

  2. I wonder if they've changed the formula of this because the one I have is a different packaging altogether, and the cream is not white--it's like off white! Plus, the texture is HORRIBLE...it feels sticky and heavy, and it doesn't melt or get watery on your face. I put this as one of the worst products I've ever tried to be honest--I wonder why it's so different??? My package is pink with a different label!

    1. Wow that sounds super different to what I had! The cream was definitely bright white, solid and then got all watery on my face- plus smelt heavenly. Maybe you should try this version! I really liked it but won't be repurchasing because it didn't last that long :(