Nature Republic Snail Solution- Emulsion, Booster and Cream Review

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I was curious about these products when I saw them in my Bntnews box as snail creams have been the talk of the town in Asian skincare for the last couple of years. In Japan, and now the UK, people pay for snails to literally slime all over their face (snail facials)! 

According to my research, secretion of the snail has benefits when applied to human skin: firstly, it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging. Secondly, it is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

I could never kill a snail, even if they do eat all my mail! This one is rather cute don't you think?
I received a trio of products: the snail solution booster, emulsion and snail solution (to be used in that order). Frankly I find the packaging quite unappealing with the olive green color and yellowish lid. I suppose the company was going for natural 'snail' colors. All of the products have a screw top. The booster and emulsion look almost exactly the same which has led to me applying the products in the wrong order- it would make application easier if there was a more obvious way to distinguish them. It does come with a spatula, but I do not find this necessary for application.

In terms of functionality, I have gripes about each of these. The booster and emulsion unscrew to reveal a simple hole which is an incredibly inefficient way of dispensing the product. The booster is mildly thinner than the emulsion, but both require 10-20 hard slaps against my hand before an appropriate amount comes out. If the bottles were squeezable it would make it a lot easier, but they are solid. Repeating this process for both products is grating, especially on late nights.

The packaging for the cream is huge- it's easily the largest tub moisturizer I have owned. The size betrays the amount of product inside which is housed in a substantially smaller container than the outside tub!

Texture and Application
One word- slimy. The booster and emulsion are clear and the cream is white but they are each equally as slimy. It feels as though you are rubbing a thin mucus onto your face which certainly adds to the authenticity of the snail theme. I don't particularly mind the texture, but I imagine some people might.

The smell was the main deal-breaker for me. On application, each product smells sweetly acidic which turns to a sour, damp smell which lasts through the night till morning (I know exactly what it smells like, but I will not disclose that here because it is very unpleasant). It made me nauseous and Yanto started coughing when he went near my face. 

I used all 3 products for 3 nights until I couldn't take the smell any more. I found that they left a sticky barrier on top of my skin and my skin was tacky even in the morning! On the plus side, I looked extremely dewy and shiny, which is a look I love. However, once I applied this in the day and used my BB cream over the top without powdering to emphasise the dewiness. Lo and behold, 3 hours later I looked in the mirror and my trusty BB cream had separated on my face leaving it streaky and uneven! This has never happened before and I was quite shocked, I stuck to nightly applications after that.

Slimy texture.
I would have loved to continue using this product at night as I am curious about the benefits of snail mucus. These products are extremely moisturizing, perhaps a little too much even for my dry skin. Definitely a no go if you have normal to oily skin. I do enjoy how my skin looks and feels after application as I prefer to be over hydrated than dry and flaky any day! However, the fussy 3 step application and the smell were deal breakers for me. I prefer my skin care and make up to be quick and minimal, and this system takes up too much time. I am very interested to see if my fellow Bntgirls, Joanne, Carina, Rini and Alene can stand the smell, or whether it's just me and my sensitive nose.

*I received this product for free for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I just started out trying this product and I didn't notice any stench from it. I might change my mind about it in a few more days of using it but so far so good. Well, except for the part where I can barely get any product out of the emulsion and booster bottles!

    1. I know right, the bottles are each annoying to me in their own way. The smell has made me extremely bias to snail products in general -__-.

  2. Hi thanks for the review! My skin was breaking overtime and My friend gave me some samples about this product and thought I would give it a try! I think the stench is bearable you put just a smal drop on each part of the face. I barely could smell it since I put a very small amount especially since there are 3 steps.

    The containers are really sturdy and I admit, it is hard to get the stuff out. >.<

    1. Hi Yona! I seem to be the only person sensitive to the smell, except for another blogger who got a headache from it. I did apply this quite liberally on my face for review purposes though. I gave this to my sister to try out as she has been breaking out quite severely and after a few weeks of use there hasn't been any difference :(. I do hope it's working better for you!

      Thank you for your comment xx