New Hair- Dark Ash Brown with a Dark Cherry Red Dip Dye!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Last week I got my hair dyed at Amanda's, she's been my hairdresser since I was old enough to start getting haircuts and I trust her with everything. She has a really neat in built studio in her house which is 40 minutes away from me, but I am always so happy to make the drive because she's super talented and just a brilliant person all round! Every time I get my hair dyed at a salon or in Singapore (worst hair experience of my life), I always come crawling back to Amanda who will cluck at my stupidity and misfortune and then lovingly fix all the damage for a fraction of the price it took to ruin it. Why didn't I see her in the first place you ask? Because she has a month long waiting list!

This time I asked to go darker and she practically jumped for joy. She was never a fan of my blonde hair and was always trying to get me to darken it! I basically let her take reign and ended up with dark brown, almost black, hair with a lengthy deep cherry red dip dye.

When I first saw it, I thought it was too dark, but I loved the dip dye and was pretty happy with it all round as I was looking for a change! After a few washes the red has faded and the dark brown is getting lighter and I love it because now it looks like a 'Eurasian' brown hehe! See my previous blondey purple head here. Which do you like better?

Here are some pictures from yesterday- I actually went out partying for the first time since January because... I FINISHED MY EXAMS! Super duper happy that I now have some time to do the things I want to do! Like go to the beach, blog, exercise, sleep and relax!

Get ready for a ton of beauty reviews for Bntnews before I jet off to Nepal next Saturday. I'm going to be churning them out like crazy!

Have a funtastic weekend,

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